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Business Studies Student Satisfaction Survey Results PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Studies Student Satisfaction Survey Results

Business Studies Student Satisfaction Survey Results

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Business Studies Student Satisfaction Survey Results

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  1. Business Studies Student Satisfaction Survey Results June, 2011

  2. Survey Context • All 25 students of 11BS102 were offered the opportunity to participate in the survey which was designed to capture: • Reasons for choosing Business Studies • Teacher pedagogy (instruction & approach styles) • Student learning outcomes • Student participation effectiveness • In total 20 students chose to respond to the survey

  3. Reasons for Choosing Business Studies Key reason for choosing this elective: Relevance to both previous & future studies Least important reasons: My friends or teachers who teach the subject

  4. Teacher Strategies Does well: Using varied strategies & allowing students to ask questions Needs Improvement: Providing a safe learning environment for all students

  5. Teacher Communication Preferred communication vehicle = Question: Did some people use ‘Edmodo’ to mean studyismybuddy & vice versa?

  6. I think my learning needs are being met by the teacher by learning from the textbook and hearing good examples…. Teacher Meets Needs 2 Students require a different approach for meeting their learning needs. 1 Student has yet to identify what their particular learning need is.

  7. its the crucial factor in learning if you don't participate you don't learn…. Does participation impact on results? Yes- 23% of students feel that they actively participate & it improves their outcomes 33% acknowledge that they know that they need to participate more in order to get a better outcome for themselves

  8. Some of the challenges are mostly the people around me. I get distracted very easily…. Sometimes in class the people around me are too loud, and I get annoyed and no longer have the motivation to work Challenges facing your learning this year Overwhelmingly students acknowledge that other people in class are disrupting their opportunity to learn and the sheer volume of work in Year 11 is hard to manage…

  9. faster progress through classwork after school help not as many slides and a bit or talking More discussions and less powerpoint copying!! Mr. Stretton taught us in a way much more preferred my the students of the class, through discussions. However, I personally have no problem with powerpoint copying. Also more challenging homework would be great :) Q & A's throughout lesson Strategies ?! maybe, if you're able to, do more work with the text book because then when we have exams we know that there was something in our textbook on a certain subject and we know where to locate it Explain certain things in more detail, and give more time to complete set taksetc

  10. Some last thoughts…… • ms given is fine, she is a good teacher, its just i found it easier to learn if everyone participate and contribute with others and there learning, and to not be distraction to people who wants to learn. • i strongly believe that the class i am in , is not performing nor is capable of performing at the required level to even meet an average score.

  11. From you…. • i think this is a great idea • please continue to leave the powerpoints on edmodo because even though i have the textbook, some of the things you write down are in a text that is clear and more understandable. • LET US HAVE OUR OWN CHOICES

  12. Where To From Here?

  13. Since the survey….. We have had an exam review session on exam strategies Used questions from the text book Participated in group work /presentations Sought further class feedback on learning strategies used in class Are in the process of designing more worksheet activities to complement the different learning styles Spoken to a variety of individuals about personal learning needs

  14. The Giveen Go-over • You choosing to learn is something over which I have limited influence. • Different strokes for different folks • I will keep trying different teaching strategies if you will: • Keep providing me feedback on what works for you • Be open to new learning experiences • Maintain personal integrity about the work that you produce