bringing africa back to the occ n.
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“Bringing Africa back to the OCC” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Bringing Africa back to the OCC”

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“Bringing Africa back to the OCC” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Bringing Africa back to the OCC”

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  1. “Bringing Africa back to the OCC”

  2. Who I am! • 20 Years Old! • Raised in Portland, Maine • Organizations involved with : • The ONE Campaign • Florida Alternative Breaks • Engineers without Borders • Student Government • Engineering Council • HIV/Aids Research Team • Habitat for Humanity • Hobbies: skiing, hiking, swimming, camping, traveling • Passion: Development & international public health, specifically infectious diseases

  3. Goals • Become a ONE Campus • Raise the presence of ONE in the community • Bring the issues in Africa to the spotlight on campus • Hold events and panels to show video footage of trip as well as photos, invite speakers • Collaborate with other ONE Chapters • Get local celebrities to become ONE Ambassadors • Famous Professors, Sports Teams (Tim Tebow), Administration (President Machen)

  4. Target Audience • Students (over 52,000) • Faculty (nearly 5,000 not including staff) • Local Gainesville Community (over 100,000) • Over 90,000 people attend each home football game on average

  5. Plan of action • Run stories in local newspapers as well as sending larger papers an editorial about the trip • Attaching link to an online blog about my experiences with photos • Collaborate with other universities/student organizations in close proximity to present information in speakers panel • Guest speaking in classes: such as International Humanitarian Assistance which has over 150 students • Condensing video footage to show at various events • Bring additional speakers relating to the issue • Have organizations present at events to talk about getting directly involved for those interested • Utilize unorthodox email lists (For engineering students, psychology, architecture, etc.) to attract a different group of students to presentations/Q&A sessions • Include information on how to join ONE as well as having current petitions/the ONE Declaration available to sign • Target large audience that comes to the University especially on home football games • Prepare posters as well as enlarge photos from trip • Develop contact in Kenya or Bead for Life to sell handmade clothing, while tabling on home games and on quads

  6. Utilizing the Press • During the trip, I plan to keep up an online blog about what I am experiencing • If internet access is not available, I plan to record my observations in a journal or in a voice recording • The photographs I take will also be uploaded to the blog as a visual to accompany my written word • Working with editor Lauren Baker of the Alligator to run a three day, continued story on the trip with hopes to get the Gainesville Sun running a story as well • I plan to personalize the news story by including a brief heart wrenching portion about a family or child I encounter in Kenya • The Alligator is one of the most widely read college news papers on campus

  7. Utilizing the Press • The new public relations director of the ONE Chapter has agreed to help write press releases to the various papers as well as to help with the editing of my editorials I plan to submit to larger papers • My editorials will mainly focus on my Millennium Goal which I would select as curbing major infectious diseases • I shadow an infectious disease specialist at Shands Hospital and do research under a professor related to HIV mutations either or both would be more than willing to add to the story by making it even more credible as doctors by quoting statistics related to either HIV/Aids, Malaria or Tuberculosis • The UF College of Journalism and Communication features multiple TV stations and radio stations that reach all of Alachua County Residents, I plan to show highlights of my trip on their TV Station from the video I took as well as interviewing at the radio station

  8. Media Outlets • Statewide • Tampa Tribune • Miami Herald • St. Petersburg Times • Orlando Sentinel • Florida Times Union • Local • The Independent Florida Alligator • The Gainesville Sun • Gainesville WCJB TV-20 • Online Blogging • • College of Journalism and Communication • Home to two television stations and four radio stations

  9. Jewelry Sales • Bead for Life Sales on campus totaled more than 800 in one week, by tabling to mainly students • Because of this demonstrated interest, expanding the merchandise being sold, by collaborating with local Kenyan NGO’s or Bead for Life itself would be successful • With the help of the ONE Chapter, tabling would be done not only on the quad, but prior to home football games • Alumni and students would be highly likely to not only purchase handmade jewelry/clothing at this time, but would also learn about the issues and my experiences through enlarged photos graphs and an educational display • Members of the ONE Chapter would then mobilize those attracted to the colorful jewelry/clothing, by getting them interested in coming to meetings and/or signing the ONE Declaration

  10. Speaker’s Panel • Present video footage as well as photos at speakers panel in addition to classes • Draw in a unique crowd by hosting speakers related to medicine and research with infectious diseases in addition to the typical political science experts • This would draw many premedical students as well as those interested in research • Share my experience with infectious diseases in Africa to tie it all together, making sure to personalize it with stories about the families/children I meet • Have ONE Declarations available to sign • Have students sign a petition in support of making campus a ONE Campus to draw the attention of local celebrities such as President Bernie Machen • Work with Field staff for ONE to invite other schools/ONE Chapters to event

  11. Preparing for Awareness Event • Collaborate with Accent, the largest student run Speaker’s Bureau in the United States • Collaborate with local restaurant to get food donated to program to attract more students • Invite students to the event using different mediums • Email lists • Facebook event • Tabling • Gator Times • Ask professors to make announcement to classes • Have organizations from on and off campus present for those interested and inspired for action • Universities Allied for Essential Medicines • Gators for HIV Education • Recurso • Citizens for Social Justice • Study Abroad Services • Engineers without Borders • Florida Alternative Breaks • ONE UF!!!!!!