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and. Present. This presentation is for internal use only. The international Genetically Engineered Machine competition. More than 150 universities worldwide. But only one winner…. Do you have bright ideas ?. Do you like synthetic biology ?. Do you want to be challenged ?.

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  1. and Present Thispresentation is forinternaluseonly

  2. The international Genetically Engineered Machine competition

  3. More than 150 universitiesworldwide Butonlyone winner…

  4. Do you have brightideas?

  5. Do youlikesyntheticbiology?

  6. Do you want to bechallenged?

  7. And do you want to be a KU Leuven ambassador?

  8. Thenjoin the KU Leuven iGEM team

  9. 2008

  10. 2009

  11. 2011

  12. Getfunding Earncredits Work hard

  13. And taste the iGEM spirit

  14. Design Create Model

  15. And prepare yourselffor the European Jamboree in


  17. Meatwithother teams

  18. Makefriends

  19. And shareyourexperiences

  20. Be in the top 10 and go to

  21. The World Championship in

  22. And whoknows… Youmightnot go home emptyhanded

  23. www.BioSCENTer.eu

  24. Info sessions: • October 24th 19:00 Auditorium JozefHeuts • Landbouwinstituut • October 25th 19:00 Auditorium BMW3 • GHB O&N II

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