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Service-Learning. Service-Learning.

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RYS is a service-learning program with a special focus on developing personal leadership and peacemaking skills. Through living together and providing altruistic service in a community, we demonstrate that it is possible for our global human family to come together in peace for our mutual well being.

the rys education program
The RYS Education Program
  • Orientation
  • Servingthe community
  • Reflection


During our first days together, we learn about

RYS and its vision.Get-acquainted activities help build trust and respect through sharing, creating an atmosphere of openness, and having fun together.

Through lectures and activities we learn communication, team-building, and conflict resolution skills so we can overcome barriers and build lasting relationships.

Local people will introduce us to their community and help us understand their culture and history.


Serving the Community

Our service activity will help meet a local need, and the impact will continue long after we go home.

Whether we are doing familiar tasks or learning new skills, let us do good work and be safe. Practice teamwork and share leadership roles.

We will experience civic responsibility and the value of volunteering. Let us also look for insights into our various cultures and practice building relationships that can promote world peace.


Reflection Periods

We begin each day with morning devotions. During the day and at the end of our time together, we reflect on ourlearning experiencesand share some of these experiences with each other.

The closing reflection also includes an evaluation of the project and our experiences together. We value your input.

The process of reflection and introspection helps empower us to take home what we learn and apply it in daily life and the challenges we may face.


Service-Learning Process

Service-learning involves planning, doing, and reflecting, both as individuals and as a group.

During the time together, each of us has the opportunity to plan, carry out ourplans, and review the results.

Thisservice-learning processhelps us gain more from our experience together.


Service-Learning Process





Plan (Apply)


Religious Youth Service

A project of the Universal Peace Federation

+1 (914) 631-1331 x107