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Service Learning

Service Learning

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Service Learning

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  1. Service Learning By: Davis Vann

  2. Definition of Service Learning the incorporation of community service within an educational system, especially as a graduation requirement. basically it is a way of giving back to the community through volunteer work.

  3. My Community Service Habitat-For-Humanity Peer Mentor for elementary school kids

  4. Habitat-For-Humanity For many of my community service hours, I helped raise the walls and framework on a house in Thomasville that was being rebuilt by the Habitat-for-Humanity.

  5. The Good It was really easy work and I had fun while working. I met some new people and learned new things about construction. Helped build a new home for a needy family

  6. The Bad It was early in the morning and very cold since I did it over Christmas break. There really was no bad part.

  7. Reading to children at school Another way I gained community service hours was by reading and being a peer mentor to kids in my mother’s fourth grade class.

  8. Me reading to the children

  9. The Good I was able to read to the kids and play with them on the school playground. It felt good to be a mentor to a bunch of little kids.

  10. The Bad They did not want to listen that well while I was reading to them, but other than that it was fun playing and reading to them. The kids actually seemed happy to see me instead of their teacher.

  11. What I learned I learned that building a house takes more time and effort than I previously thought. I also saw how lucky I am and how unfortunate others can be. I also learned that teaching is harder than I thought.

  12. Community service taught me how to give back to others and be more grateful for what I have. The service also helped me gain new skills in construction and gave me chance to brighten a kids day.

  13. THE END