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Service Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Learning

Service Learning

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Service Learning

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  1. Service Learning High School Options 2013-2014

  2. …is an opportunity for you to learn about and connect with the community around you. Four things you need to know: EVERYONE is involved. We meet Wednesdays, twice a month for 85 minutes. You get the privilege of choosing the group to which you contribute your skills. Choose based on your skills and interests; ask where can I make a difference? Each quarter, each HS student performs 5+ hours of community service. This is NOT for a relative, or for pay, or for trade. It is a free gift you give to your community. Service Learning

  3. Helping Hands for the Elderly (High School Group) This service learning group will work closely with area senior citizens in a variety of ways. The goal of this group is to create understanding and awareness between generations. Students will create meaningful relationships with area seniors through engaging activity and communication. • Some of the activities may include: • Holiday activities • Christmas Baskets • May Baskets • Senior Interviews • Shared activities with seniors • This group requires additional hours • spent outside of the classroom.

  4. Sprucing up Spectrum S.up.S When you walk down the halls of your school what do you see... Blank walls! Want to use your artistic ability and creative mind to decorate our school? We are looking for students who are interested in creating an atmosphere of positive school spirit through designing and painting murals around our campus. *You will be required to stay after school one Wednesday a month.

  5. Make a Joyful Noise • Brightening the lives of others, • one melody at a time • Why: Music has been shown to have a positive impact on human emotion and behavior. Make a Joyful Noise gives students the opportunity to use their musical talents to serve their community through performance. • Who: Any band students who are either participating in Intermediate Band or Sting Ensemble this year or who participated in band (or this group) last year. • Activities: • Musicians work in pairs and trios to prepare music for performance • Perform in the community: Guardian Angels, perform seasonal music for Salvation Army Kettles • Travel to a Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis to play for patients • Research how music affects the mind and emotions • Research and write program notes for performances • Students must have their own instrument and will need • to practice outside of class. Any time spent practicing with • your partner(s) counts toward community servicehours.

  6. MinneStory… The “little” known story of how MN effected or was impacted by the Civil War, Holocaust, and Native American Culture. Do you have a love for history? This is the group for you! We are planning several off campus events that we will NOT be fundraising for. You are not required to attend the events, but all are encouraged to attend. Trips will take place on the Wednesday of service learning returning by 3:00 pm, except for the Civil War, and the Pow Wow trips. (Which are dependent on student interest)Trips planned:*LaCrosse, WI to see a civil war re-enactment Oct 11th – Oct 12th cost $60 *Jewish Theatre Company; attend a play and volunteer December 2013 cost $10*Mille Lacs Indian Museum; visit and volunteer May 2014 cost $15*Pow Wow in Osseo, MN Saturday in April 2014

  7. H.A.L.O.Healthy, Active, Lifestyle, Outreach • This Year we will be partnering with the Special Olympics and other Community Service Organizations to promote HALO. • Our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to teach and learn from the service learning experiences we provide them. • We want our students to come out these experiences with a positive, healthy attitude and with utmost respect for the people and the organizations that we are partnering with. • This group will not be doing an Active Youth Day.

  8. Do you love to be with animals? Have a soft spot for furry, four legged friends? A.R.F. is the place for you! • People aren’t the only ones who are homeless and need help! Animal Rescue Friends will provide opportunities for students to learn about the effects of irresponsible pet ownership, pet overpopulation, the conditions that some animals live in, and find ways they can help. • We will visit animal shelters, help inform the community about the high need for animal adoption, and find other ways to help improve the lives of these animals! A.R.F Animal Rescue Friends

  9. The Hunger Quenchers • Did you know: • 1 in every 10 Minnesotans doesn’t know where his or her next meal will come from? • 1 in 8 people worldwide doesn’t have access to clean water? • Possible service projects: • Food pantry • Community Meals • Food distribution • Pledge your birthday for charity: water • Feed My Starving Children • Homeless shelter • Our goals: • We will join local organizations to help meet the hunger needs of our community. • We will educate ourselves and others of the lack of clean water worldwide. Hunger Free Sherburne County

  10. STUDENTS & SIDEKICKS Poverty-stricken students at a poor school. You. WHAT A GREAT PARTNERSHIP!!!! We will be adopting a school that has students from impoverished families, and our students will partner with their students to provide support physically and emotionally. We will make them winter hats and scarves, write them letters, make them cards, and visit the school. Come on board! We will make a change in the lives of young students who are in a situation where we can help and can be mentors for strong education and for nurturing. Have you ever wanted to help students who are struggling? Join this STUDENTS & SIDEKICKS!!

  11. Mad Scientist Brigade Do you think science is cool? Do you want to learn about it anyway? Do you want to teach kids about the science of fingerprints, rockets, sports, or medicine? We will be putting on a Science Fun Day in Feb/March where kids (and adults) will be able to do fun activities and experiments presented by our group. We will then take the show on the road and bring our activities to local elementary or middle schools.

  12. drti We will co-op with several programs to develop mentoring/leadership type relationships with kids who need role models. Could include: Elementary schools, inner-city schools, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club. Come be the role model/leader every kid needs! Developing Relationships through Interaction