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  1. Service-Learning Justin Browning

  2. Defining Service-Learning Service-learning is a teaching method that combines service to the community with classroom curriculum. It is more than merely community service. It is a hands-on approach to mastering subject material while fostering civic responsibility.

  3. How I got involved in Service-Learning This year as a freshman at Valdosta State, I was informed about Freshman Year Experience. The first class I took was VSU 1101, and it required us to get involved with the community and help out.

  4. Benefits Gain additional human resources needed to achieve organizational goals Inject new energy, enthusiasm, and perspectives into the organization's work Grow the organization's volunteer pool: service-learning students will share their experiences with friends and classmates Increase public awareness of key issues Reach out to youth—an important part of any organization's future support

  5. Benefits Educate students/youth about community issues; correct any misperceptions Help prepare today's students to be tomorrow's civic leaders Network with colleagues in other organizations and agencies Identify and access other university resources; build relationships with U of M faculty, students, and staff

  6. How Service-Learning affected me Service-learning made a great impact on me. I liked making a difference in my community and volunteering my time to help out the Valdosta community.

  7. My Community Service Blood Drive: I went and donated my blood to help save someone’s life. Animal Shelter Volunteer: I took time out of my schedule and went to help take care of animals.

  8. Blood Drive

  9. Animal Shelter

  10. Animal Shelter Cont.

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