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Service Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Learning

Service Learning

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Service Learning

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  1. Service Learning By: Nasia Quinones

  2. What is Service Learning? • Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities

  3. Benefits of Service Learning • Being able to live under a roof, supplied food, and being able to attend college is a fortune many do not get or even have. Donating time to make others just smile is the best feeling, and because they do not receive nearly as much as I do, it makes me feel like a better person whenever I donate my time. Not only do I benefit from seeing others smile, but I am also giving them the satisfaction of knowing there are good people still out in the world.

  4. CheerSport • Being able to help run CheerSport allowed those who fund the competition to make it happen. Because we were able to run the warm-up area, we gave all those cheerleaders the opportunity to do something they love, and that is to compete. It benefitted me because I love cheerleading and I love seeing all the girls enjoy and love what I love to do.

  5. Animal Shelter • Volunteering at the animal shelter is the best community service I could have done. Playing with and enjoy the company of the new puppies and even the older dog just brightens my day. The satisfaction I get from playing with the poor animals that are stuck in dirty cages with no homes is incredible. If I could take them all home to the dorms with me I would in a heart beat. Being able to make those animals wag their tales and have someone to play with for an hour is the best feeling in the world, and it makes me want to do the same for people.

  6. Relay for Life • Being able to walk and support those who have died of breast cancer is one of the most life changing experiences that makes anyone want to join the philanthropy of breast cancer. Listening to those who have fought their hardest and survive a horrible illness such as cancer can cause the most sympathy and passion to strive to be as strong as those women. This is my second time doing a relay for life and I take every opportunity to do it as I can because walking for something so unpredictable as cancer can help change the lives of those who have to live with something they never asked for.

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