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FIRST AID KIT. FIRST AID CONTENT. Airway, Breathing and Circulation Trauma Injuries Personal Protective Equipment Instruments and Equipment Medication. Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Pocket mask.

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  2. FIRST AID CONTENT • Airway, Breathing and Circulation • Trauma Injuries • Personal Protective Equipment • Instruments and Equipment • Medication

  3. Airway, Breathing and Circulation

  4. Pocket mask A pocket mask, for CPR, is a device used to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.Isspeciallydesignedfor use bybothprofessionalstaff,as a personwhohelps in anemergency.Thesehelptopreventthepassage of fluidsorsecretions and provides a safeeffective viral and bacterial 99% higherthan a single filterisinvolved. Valves and filters are replaceable.(Mascara de bolsillo)

  5. FACE SHIELD • In medical areas, "face shield" refers to a variety of devices used to protect a medical professional during a procedure that might expose the worker to splashing,or spraying blood or other potentially infectious fluid.(Protector facial)

  6. Advance first aid kit may also content items such a

  7. Oropharyngeal airway • An oropharyngeal airway (also known as an oral airway, OPA or Guedel pattern airway) is a medical device called an airway adjunct used to maintain a patent (open) airway. It does this by preventing the tongue from covering the epiglottis, which could prevent the person from breathing. When a person becomes unconscious, the muscles in their jaw relax and allow the tongue to obstruct the airway (cánula orofaríngea).

  8. Nasopharyngealairway • In medicine, a nasopharyngeal airway, also known as an NPA or a nasal trumpet because of its flared end, a type of airway adjunct, is a tube that is designed to be inserted into the nasal passageway to secure an open airway. When a patient becomes unconscious, the muscles in the jaw commonly relax and can allow the tongue to slide back and obstruct the airway. The purpose of the flared end is to prevent the device from becoming lost inside the patient's head. (cánula nasofaríngea)

  9. Bag Valve Mask • A bag valve mask (also known as a BVM or Ambu bag) is a hand-held device used to provide positive pressure ventilation to a patient who is not breathing or who is breathing inadequately. The device is a normal part of a resuscitation kit for trained professionals, such as ambulance crew. The BVM is frequently used in hospitals, and is an essential part of a crash cart. The device is used extensively in the operating room to ventilate an anaesthetised patient in the minutes before a mechanical ventilator is attached. The device is self-filling with air, although additional oxygen (O2) can be added. (Máscara de Valvula De Bolsa).

  10. Manual Aspirator Or Suction Unit • An apparatus for producing suction or moving or collecting materials by suction; especially: a hollow tubular instrument connected with a partial vacuum and used to remove fluid or tissue or foreign bodies from the body (succionador manual)

  11. Sphygmomanometer • A sphygmomanometer or blood pressure meter is a device used to measure blood pressure, comprised by an inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow, and a mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the pressure.(esfigmomanómetro)

  12. Stethoscope • The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of an animal body. It is often used to listen to lung and heart sounds.(Estetoscopio)

  13. Trauma injuries

  14. Adhesive bandages • Adhesive bandages: adhesive bandage, adhesive dressing or patch bandage, adhesive tape is a short extension with a sterile dressing in the center, used to treat minor injuries.(Curita o tirita)

  15. Moleskin • Moleskine is a brand of notebooks, planners, diaries, sketchbooks and albums manufactured by MoleskineSrl, an Italian company based in Milan. Moleskine notebooks are typically bound in coated paper cardboard, with an elastic band to hold the notebook closed, paramedics use it to record data on patients. (Agenda o planificador)

  16. Dressings Dressings (sterile, applied directly to the wound): Is an adjunct used by a person for application to a wound to promote healing and/or prevent further harm. A dressing is designed to be in direct contact with the wound, which makes it different from a bandage, which is primarily used to hold a dressing in place. (Apósito de gaza estéril)

  17. Sterile Eye Pads • Sterile Eye pads: are oval shaped, sterile eye pads. These eye pads are packed with soft cotton fill and covered with soft mesh. Eye pads prevent infection by stopping any foreign bodies from entering the wound. Comes in sterile plastic wrapping with attachment. Ideal to include with your first aid. (Apósito oftálmico o apósito ocular)

  18. Sterile Gauze Pads • Sterile Gauze Pads: generally has a loose open weave, where adjacent warps are twisted together across the weft, allowing fluids from the wound to be absorbed into the fibers, wicked away, or passed through into other absorbent materials in the wound’s dressing They are arguably less absorbent, but have the benefit of leaving less fibers behind in a wound when removed. (Gazas estériles)

  19. Sterile non-adherentpads, containig a non-stickteflonlayer Sterile non-adherent pads, containing a non stick teflon layer: These are similar to plastic adhesive strips and include an adhesive border, a non-adhesive or semi-adhesive surface that is applied to the wound, an absorbent layer, and a bacterial barrier. (Apósitos adhesivos)

  20. Petrolatum Gauze Pads • Petrolatum gauze pads: used as an occlusive ( air-tight) dressing for sucking chest wounds, as well as a non-stick dressing , is a lightweight cotton bandage that is coated with a translucent substance made from petroleum. (Gaza con vaselina)

  21. Bandages

  22. Gauze roller bandages • Gauze roller bandages: Non-laddering gauze bandage, inelastic, perfectly tolerated by the skin. 100% viscose. Special long-term bandages. (Rollos de gaza, Rollos de gaza para vendajes)

  23. Elastic Bandage • Elastic bandage: is a “Stretchable bandage used to create localized pressure” Elastic bandages are commonly used to treat muscle sprains and strains by reducing the flow of blood to a particular area by the application of even stable pressure which can restrict swelling at the place of injury. (Vendas de compresión)

  24. Adhesive ,Elastic roller bandage • Adhesive, elastic roller bandages: are elastic and non-material such as cotton and gauze. They are available in different widths depending on the body part to be bandaged, such as arms, fingers, knees, ankles and legs. They are used to compress and bandages cover the bruises, sprains and strains. (Venda elástica adhesiva)

  25. Triangular Bandage Triangular bandages: are normal bandages that are folded into a triangle. Is generally resistant fabric and its size varies according to the site to be sold. The triangular bandage has multiple uses, with it you can make bandages in various parts of the body using it as a sling, folded or extended. (Pañuelos triangulares)

  26. Butterfly Closure Strip • Butterfly closure strips are generally thin adhesive strips which can be used to close small wounds. They are applied across the laceration in a manner which pulls the skin on either side of the wound together. They are not true sutures, but can often be used in addition to, or in place of real sutures for small wounds.(Banditas de Mariposa, Vendaje de Mariposa)

  27. Saline • Saline (also saline solution) is a general term referring to a sterile solution of sodium chloride (NaCl, more commonly known as salt) in water but is only sterile when it is to be placed intravenously, otherwise, a saline solution is a salt water solution. (Solución salina)

  28. Antiseptic Wipes or Spray • Antiseptic wipes or sprays: Are antimicrobial substances that are applied to living tissue/skin to reduce the possibility of infection, sepsis, or putrefaction. (Toallitas antisépticas o spray para la limpieza inmediata).

  29. Adhesive Tape • Adhesive tape: is one of many varieties of backing materials coated with an adhesive. Several types of adhesives can be used.(Cinta Adhesiva).

  30. Hypoallergenic • Hypoallergenic: meaning "below normal" or "slightly" allergenic. It is used to describe items (in this case, bandages) that cause or are claimed to cause fewer allergic reactions. Covered with ventilated polyethylene anti-adherent film to prevent the bandage from sticking to wound. (Vendas Hipo-alergénicas)

  31. Hemostatic • Hemostatic: an antihemorragic agent is a substance that promotes stops bleeding. Have various mechanisms of action: Systemic drugs work by or promoting coagulation. Locally-acting hemostatic agents work by causing vasoconstriction or promoting platelet aggregation. (Hemostático, Antihemorrágico)

  32. Personal Protective Equipment

  33. GLOVES • The sanitary gloves are medical devices used. Single-use bi-directional barrier between health and the environment with which it comes into contact through their hands.(guantes)

  34. GOGGLES • Impact resistance with side shields to prevent chemical splashes reaching the eyes. In hospital use goggles to protect eyes from any secretion. (lentes de seguridad)

  35. Surgical Mask • A surgical mask also known as a procedure mask is intended to be worn by health professionalsduring a surgeryand at other times to catch the bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nose. It is common to wear a face mask while sick to avoid infecting others in public settings. • Modern surgical masks are made from paper or other non-woven material, and should be discarded after each use. (mascarillaquirúrgica)

  36. Apron • An apron is an outer protective garment that covers primarily the front of the body. It may be worn for hygienic reasons as well as in order to protect clothes from wear and tear. The apron is commonly part of the uniformof several work categories, including waitresses, nurses, and domestic workers. (delantal)

  37. Instrument and Equipment

  38. Trauma Shears • Also known as “tuff cuts”, are a type of scissors used by paramedics and other emergency medical personnel to quickly and safely cut clothing from injured people. (Tijeras de trauma)

  39. Scissors • Scissors are hand-operated cutting instruments. (Tijeras)

  40. Tweezers • Tweezers are tools used for picking up and manipulating objects too small to be easily handled with the humanhands(pinzas)

  41. Lighter • Lighter is a portable device used to generate a flame. (encendedor)

  42. Alcohol • Alcohol term used in organic chemistry to denote a compound derived from alkenes by replacing a hydrogen by an OH group. They have an oxidation state intermediate between the aldehydes and acids. Itisusedexternally as a disinfectant. (alcohol)

  43. Irrigation Syringe • Irrigation Syringe is a tool used to cleanse small passages effectively. Not all first aid kits carry an irrigation syringe but an ideal one carries this tool for effective cleaning reasons. An irrigation syringe comes in different shapes and sizes. (Jeringuilla de irrigación)

  44. Torch • Is a small portable electric lamp powered by one or more dry batteries US and Canadian word flashlight. (linterna)

  45. Instant-acting Chemical Cold Packs • An instant cold pack is a device which consists of two bags, one containing water which is inside a second bag containing ammonium nitrate. When the inner bag is broken by squeezing the package, the ammonium nitrate is allowed to dissolve in the water in an endothermic reaction. This reaction absorbs heat from the surroundings, quickly lowering the pack's temperature. Instant cold packs are a convenient direct replacement for crushed ice used as first aid on sport injuries. (compresasfríasquímicas)

  46. Alcohol Rub • Is a hand sanitize, it is an antiseptic product used to avoid transmission of pathogens. These exist in liquid, foam, and easy-flowing gel formulations. Alcohol rub sanitizers kill most bacteria, fungi and some viruses effectively. (alcohol rosa)

  47. Antiseptic • Antiseptics are antimicrobial substances that are applied to living tissue/skin to reduce the possibility of infection, sepsis, or putrefaction. (antisépticos)

  48. Thermometer • Is a device used to measure temperatures. There are different types of thermometers, but almost all are based on the expansion of a liquid (mercury or alcohol) in a container that is in contact with the medium for which to measure temperature. (termómetro)

  49. Space Blanket • Is often used to maintain body temperature of an accident:Protection from cold or hypothermia: silvered face contact with the body, reflects body heat and avoid hypothermia. (manta térmica)

  50. Penlight • A small flashlight having the size and shape of a fountain pen. (linterna médica)

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