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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt

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  1. Ancient Egypt

  2. Where is Egypt? Egypt is located on the northeastern part of the continent of Africa.

  3. The Nile River was an ideal place for Ancient Egyptians to live. Why? Every summer the Nile flooded and left a layer of fertile soil called silt. This was great for growing crops. Farmer found out that they could trap the floodwater and save it (Egypt gets little rainfall). People began to farm and work together in small villages close to the Nile. Nile River

  4. Nile River today

  5. Nile river today

  6. Nile River today

  7. Egyptians used a part of the papyrus plant to write on. Writing

  8. Hieroglyphics

  9. Egyptians always kept records of what they bought and sold. Math This picture shows work with geometry!

  10. The pharaoh made laws for all the people of Egypt. (Pharaoh means “great palace”) Menes 1st Pharaoh. Everyone worked for the pharaoh in some way, (Ex. providing him with food). People had rights – Men and women had many of the same rights. They could go to school and Buy and sell goods. Government

  11. Egyptians believed in many gods. (polytheism) Sun – god named Ra. Life was like sunrise-sunset. (Afterlife) Take certain steps for this to happen. Egyptian religion

  12. Pyramids

  13. Inside a pyramid

  14. A cartouche was an oval circle with a name written in it. It was important to the Egyptians to have their names written down so they would no disappear after they died. Cartouche King Tut’s cartouche

  15. Cartouche as jewelry The ring was found inside of this jewelry box.

  16. Cartouche project Create your own!!!

  17. Pharaoh Ramses II Mummies

  18. A sarcophagus is a stone coffin.

  19. Opened sarcophagus

  20. King Tutankhamen This man is Howard Carter. He is the person credited with locating King Tut’s tomb in the “Valley of the Kings”

  21. King tut

  22. King Tut – this is what we think king tut may have looked like.

  23. What do we know about Egypt? Egypt