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  1. Venezuela Escrito Por: Kaylee Tolzman

  2. Capital and population The capital of Venezuela is Caracas. Some of the nearby cities are Barcelona, Maracay, and La Guairá. The population of Venezuela, that was last recorded in June 2010, was 27,223,228. Caracas

  3. Major Exports • Two of the major exports of Venezuela are crude oil, which is 72.7% of Venezuela's exports, and liquified petroleum gases.

  4. Ver Some of the amazing sites in Venezuela are the Plitvice Lakes , Pico Bolivar, which is a 5.200 foot tall mountain. There is also the largest national library in Venezuela. It consists of two million volumes. And the most popular park in Caracas is “Parque del Este”. (East Park) The Turpial is the national bird of Venezuela. You can usually see them in high places. Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall. Angel Falls is located in the Canaima National Park.

  5. oir • One of Venezuela’s singers is named Karina and she is a pop-ballad singer. One of her most famous songs is La Noche es Mágica. • The Mandolín is aninstrumentthatmanyVenezulans own and use.It is one of the soprano Mandolíns. • Many of the sounds you can hear are in Caracas, the capital, or the national parks. Such as, the rattling snakes hiss and the quiet croak of an arrow poison frog in wetlands.

  6. tocar • You can touch the extracted pearls from the island of Margarita. • You can also touch the rippling water of the assortment of lakes such as Lake Mucubaji and Valencia. • You could feel the strongest earthquake in South America for the last couple of years in 2010 around 3:40. It knocked out power in several regions. • On many beaches in Venezuela you can sift your feet through the soft white sand.It will feel like running your fingers through silk.

  7. oler • Venezuela's flower is a Cattleya Mossiae. This flower has many names as well. • Venezuelans who live on the coast of Venezuela every morning get a burst of salty air when they walk out of their door to go to work. • Because of their high crude oil production almost everyone can smell the stingy oil. • Venezuela's coast line is filled with arrangements of angelfish and great barracudas. • The Venezuelan food is often spicy. So you can usually smell that in dinner.

  8. probar • You can get fresh fish in about any part of the country. Known as the national food of Venezuela is Pabellon. It is a meat dish that has meat, rice, black beans, and bananas. • Hervido is a soup made with beef, chicken with vegetables and tomatoes. The vegetables vary where the soup is made. • Meat is very common in dishes. Beef is on the top of the list of the meat that they all eat. • They also eat goats, rabbits, and deer.

  9. Map/flag

  10. Climate/weather • The average temperature in Venezuela is around 21.1 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit. • The average low temp. in Jan. and Feb. is 50 degrees. The common high in May, April, and June is around 80 degrees.

  11. Currency • The currency in Venezuela is called Bolivars. • 2,147 Bolivars is equal to 1 US dollar. Bolivars in Venezuela

  12. Holiday’s in Venezuela • On June 24th the people of Venezuela celebrate Batalla de Carabobo, battle of Carabobo. This day is for remembering the Bolivars victory. • March 20th-27th everyone celebrates Semana Santa. It is where people celebrate the last day of lent, by eating a big feast. Semana Santa means holy week. People dressed for Semana Santa, or holy week.

  13. English translation ChorusGlory to the brave people which shook off the yoke, the Law respecting virtue and honor. Down with the chains! (repeat) Cried out the Lord; (repeat) and the poor man in his hovel for freedom implored. Upon this holy name (repeat) trembled in fear the vile selfishness that had once triumphed. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) Chorus Let's cry out aloud: (repeat) Down with oppression! (repeat) Faithful countrymen, your strength lies in your unity; and from the heavens ((repeat)) the supreme Creator breathed a sublime spirit into the nation. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) Chorus United by bonds (repeat) made by heaven, (repeat) all America exists as a Nation; and if tyranny (repeat) raises its voice, follow the example given by Caracas. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) The national anthem of Venezuela President of Venezuela singing the national anthem!

  14. February 1 • January 17 • January 17 • January 18,February 1 • February 1 • February 7 • February 7 • February 7 • February 1 • February 3 • February 3 • February 3 • February 7 • February 7