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New Jersey

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New Jersey

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  1. New Jersey Hannah K. Lily W. Lydia G.

  2. Nickname, Region in the U.S, Capital City, Major Cities and Population. • The nickname of New Jersey is the Garden State. • The region in the U.S is Mid-West Atlantic. • Capital city of New Jersey is Trenton. • New Jersey’s major cities are Camden, Elizabeth, and Paterson. • The population of our state in 2010 was 8,791,894 people.

  3. State Flag, State Bird, and State Tree • New Jersey’s state bird is a Eastern Goldfinch. • New Jersey’s state flower is a violet. • New Jersey’s state tree is called the Red Oak. • Here is a picture of the New Jersey’s flag and flower and also New Jersey’s bird:

  4. Current Governor and State Senator • New Jersey’s current governor is Chris Christie. • The state senator of New Jersey is Jeffrey Chiesa ( republican ) Bob Menendey (democrat).

  5. Borders and Geography • New Jersey’s borders are New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. • New Jersey is the forth smallest state. It has sandy beaches and also rugged cliffs. There is 8,722 square miles in New Jersey.

  6. Natural Resources/Agriculture/ Farming • New Jersey’s natural resources are fertile soil and small deposits of minerals. • New Jersey would be a good farming land because it grows tomatoes, cranberries, spinach, and peaches. They also grow hay, corn and soybeans.

  7. Places To Visit • One place to visit in New Jersey is Waterloo Village in Stanhope is a restored village of the 1700’s. The village includes a grist mill, black smith shop, and many furnished homes. • In Camden, has exhibits featuring penguins, sharks, tropical fish and more.

  8. HISTORY and Addition Historical Facts. • In December 18th 1787 in became the third state. • Through some dependents of the origin Lenape still resides in New Jersey. • George Washington’s troops won the battle of Trenten the day after Christmas, 1776. • Giovanni da Verrazano is the first European explorer earth in New Jersey in 1524.

  9. Additional facts • In 1969 Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin from New Jersey is the second person to walk on the moon. • New Jersey’s long shoreline with barrier islands is part of the why tourism. • Unusually heavy snowstorms cause New Jersey to declare a state of emergency. • In 1948 John Bardeen, Walter Brattin, and William Shockley invented the transistor at Bell Laboratories. • In 2012 a state of emergency is declared as hurricane sandy strikes New Jersey ,causing widespread evocations, power out stages, and flooding. • Factories also produce clothing, glass, and sporting equipment. The fruit and vegetables grown in New Jersey are so fresh that the state has been nickname The Garden state.

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