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New Jersey

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New Jersey

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  1. New Jersey CEIS and the Electronic Web Enabled Grant System (EWEG)

  2. In 2005 (SFY) New Jersey went to an Electronic Web Enabled Grant System (EWEG)Program auto calculates and restricts:CEIS maximum amounts Whether or not the LEA may use their increase from one year to the next to reduce their maintenance of effort Auto calculates the proportionate share and restricts the spending to the required amounts. Does not permit the LEA to over budget or budget in areas where they are not permitted (indirect, schoolwide programs)

  3. District that is not identified for Disproportionality (Permitted use)

  4. Example of a district that has been identified for disproportionality (Required use )

  5. If LEA meets requirements this option(e) is available. Program auto calculates against CEIS

  6. The Application is tied into a Final Report (program and fiscal) that captures: Expenditures and Programmatic Information (separated by set asides) Controls the carryover/overpayment for required areas, such as CEIS and nonpublic, so that the amounts are transferred into the current year and must be spent appropriately

  7. District who used funds for the provision of CEIS

  8. Final Report Expenditure Summary – Line O are the amounts that transfer into current year

  9. Districts that opt or are required to use their funds for CEIS are required to complete a tracking log which is then submitted to the NJDOEfor review. This is compared against final report informationMonitoring onsite conducts data verification of the Log and use of funds. Onsite Monitoring and Desk Audit Review

  10. Sample Tracking Log for LEAs

  11. New data collection - Table 8The EWEG system contains the following data elements:LEA informationAward amounts – can compute differences (611 and 619)Increase in Awards from SFY 09 to 10 (FFY08 – FFY09)Determination Status (meets requirements etc.)Amount used , if any , to reduce MOERequired or not for CEIS due to significant disproportionality15% figure for CEISLEAs who opted to use funds for CEIS and amounts usedAmounts used by LEAsNumbers of Students involved and results

  12. Resource list Monitoring website: Tool, district reports site: enter as PUBLIC ACCESS. List of districts can be obtained on the funding sitehttp://

  13. NJ Portal for the Electronic Web Enabled Grant System (EWEG)