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ATAMS Digital Content

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ATAMS Digital Content

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  1. ATAMS Digital Content

  2. Ed Elements Single Sign-On Education Eelements’ Hybrid Learning Management System (HLMS)provides the platform for teachers and students to access all of the digital content from one website, with one username and password- the Single Sign-on.

  3. When students sign onto EdElements, the student dashboard is their portal to online content for every class.

  4. ATAMS Academic Content

  5. Content Providers include Compass Learning, Revolution Prep, Virtual Nerd, MyAccess, Achieve3000, and APEX Compass Learning Provides content for a variety of subject areas, including Math, Science, English, and History. Here is an example of a student’s Compass dashboard.

  6. A Compass Learning Biology lesson…

  7. “I like that Compass uses cartoon characters to teach us. It makes learning fun.”- Samantha Buelna, ATAMS 10th grade

  8. Revolution Prep provides math content When students get the answer wrong, Rev Prep automatically takes them through the steps of the problem, and then provides a similar problem to aid in student mastery of the standard.

  9. Revolution Prep

  10. Virtual Nerd is another source of math content “I use Virtual Nerd when I’m tutoring my classmates. It really helps break the problems down in a way that is clear for beginners.” -Daniel Paz, ATAMS 12th grader

  11. Virtual Nerd provides step-by-step tutorial videos…. A classroom within the laptop.

  12. Achieve3000 is a reading comprehension tool that automatically adjusts to student’s changing reading levels. Students take a diagnostic test at the beginning of the year to determine their Lexile (reading) level. Every day students are provided with a new article to read with vocabulary that is reflective of their Lexile level.

  13. Achieve3000 After reading each article, students are asked to complete a multiple choice activity, assessing their comprehension of the daily article. When students score above 65% on four consecutive multiple choice activities, their Lexile level automatically increases, and the vocabulary becomes more challenging.

  14. Achieve 3000 provides an additional opportunity for students to practice their writing skills through a “Thought Question”

  15. MyAccess is an online writing program that corrects tedious grammatical and spelling errors, allowing teachers to focus on content, tone, and organization.

  16. MyAccess provides a Holistic score, and also grades Focus & Meaning, Content & Development, Mechanics & Conventions, Organization, and Language Use, Voice, & Style.

  17. “MyAccess tells you every grammar and spelling error to help you get a better score.”-Chauncey Charles, ATAMS 10th grader

  18. APEX extends the digital content to include credit recovery courses, additional AP courses, and electives. Students love having the option to take additional AP courses and electives that may not be offered in the master schedule.

  19. APEX helps students pace themselves by providing an up-to-the-minute report on progress through the course. APEX courses are facilitated by the Online Learning Coordinator, who grades student notebooks, holds after-school tutoring sessions, and informs parents when students need additional support.

  20. Digital Content versus Textbooks

  21. Digital Content Pros and Cons • Pros: -Student can access all of their work at home -Video tutorials make lessons fun and relevant for 21st century learners -No heavy books to carry or forget at home -Students like to annotate the text online, where they couldn’t write in their textbooks. • Cons: -Some content is perfect for middle school students, but too childish for high school upperclassmen. -When technical issues arise, students cannot access their content