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  1. FRUITABLES CAMPAIGN Coms 223- Advertising Copywriting Spring 2012

  2. Table of Contents • Meet the Team

  3. Meet the Team • Kasey Blow, C.E.O • Alexandra Claessen • Maggie Comeau • Courtney Dutton • Ian Elliot • Paul Hamm • Brittany Hart • Chris Martin • Douglas Patterson • Alexa Waggoner

  4. Situation ANalysis

  5. Secondary Research

  6. It All Began with an Apple… • Founded in 1975 by Gordan Crane with help from art director Lily Hou. • The current logo was designed by Cliff Bachner in 1990. • “Our logo reflects our brand values by evoking images of purity and goodness with just a touch of temptation to make things interesting.” • Strictly Apple juice for 3 years • Apple and Eve was the first company to be awarded the Sesame Street Licenses for beverages. • First product was Apple and Eve pure unfiltered Natural Apple juice • They introduced the first juice boxes in 1982 • Add a minimum of 100% of the US Recommended Daily Allowances (USRDA) of Vitamin C to all juices, and calcium to most juice blends.

  7. Fruitables • Introduced in 2009 • Each fruitable combines 1 serving of fruits and vegetables (3/4 Fruits ¼ Vegetables) • 1/3 less sugar than other juices • 70 calories or less • Good source of antioxidants (Vitamin A and Vitamin E) • No added sugar or high fructose corn syrup • Five different flavors in the 6.75 floz juice box (Strawberry Kiwi, Apple Harvest, Tropical Orange, Berry Berry, and Fruit Punch) • Four different flavors in the 64 floz bottle (Apple Harvest, Berry Berry, Tropical Orange, and Fruit Punch) • Three different flavors in the 4.23 floz juice boxes (Apple Carrot, Berry Bananas, and Pear Peach)

  8. Competition • Nestle’s Juicy Juice • “Growing up Healthy at Every Stage” • Website has a section to inform parents, but also has a more interactive section for children. • Spy School: Games, Secret Codes, Spy Journal, Characters • Kraft: Capri Sun • Website for Moms and Website for Children • “Making Everyday Better” • Only a full serving of fruit (no veggies) • Original, Sunrise, Roarin’ Waters, 100% Juice

  9. Insights on Mothers • Mothers main concern: nutritional value • Younger mothers spend less time on so-called “basic duty chores” and tasks like grocery shopping than other mothers. • Parents of young children are more likely to redeem coupons online. • More than 80% of household purchases are still made by the mother. • 65% of moms using the web on their mobile devices. • Mothers are 20% more likely to skip online ads than other online viewers.

  10. Insights on Children • Children’s main concerns: flavor, visually appealing packaging, and advertising • Children recognize and are more attracted to licensed characters • Most children do not get their daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.

  11. Primary Research

  12. Target • Primary Target: Children • Ages 3-11 • Secondary Target: Mothers • Ages 18-35

  13. Survey 1. Gender- Male Female 2. Age- Under 20 20-25 25-30 30-3535-40 Over 40 3. Income- Under 30,000 30,000-40,000 40,000-50,000 50,000-60,000 More than 60,000 4. How many children do you have? 5. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping? 6. Who does the grocery shopping for your family? Mother FatherOther: 7. Do your children come with you? Yes No 8. About how many times a week do you go to the grocery store? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9. Do you use coupons when grocery shopping? Yes No 10. What are the top 3 juices your family drinks? 11. What types of food and drinks do you pack in your child’s lunch? 12. Do prices matter when choosing what juices you buy? YesNo 13. How important is nutrition, when choosing you children’s juice? Not Important Somewhat Important Extremely Important

  14. Analysis of Surveys

  15. Creative Brief

  16. Problems 1. Little or no brand awareness due to lack of advertising. 2. Weak and worn out partnerships. 3. Packaging lacks creativity, innovation, and eye-catching visuals. 4. Product placement is inconvenient and unnoticeable for the consumer.

  17. Objectives 1. Make advertisements more visually stimulating and memorable to consumer. 2. Choose a well-recognized partner. 3. Encourage a healthy lifestyle. 3. Change the image/face of Fruitables. 4. Change the placement of the juice boxes in all stores.

  18. Strategies 1. Develop a full creative campaign including television, magazine and radio spots. 2. Partner with Dr. Suess and NFL Play 60. 3. Redesign the Fruitables logo, tagline, and packaging. 4. Increase the number of shelf facings and make them easier to find.

  19. Tactics 1. Create a new 60 second television commercial, 4 new magazine ads, and one 60 second radio spot. 2. Use partnerships to attract the primary target and create new, exciting promotions. 3. Make the logo, tagline, and packaging more visually appealing, colorful, and partnership (Dr. Suess) related. 4. Work with grocery stores to place product at cart level for parents and have at least 12 shelf facings.

  20. Logo and Tagline • Tagline: “Fruit in a Box that will Rock your Sox” • Logo:

  21. 60 Second Television Commercial

  22. Magazine Ad 1

  23. Magazine Ad 2

  24. Magazine Ad 3

  25. Magazine Ad 4

  26. 60 Second Radio Spot • Lorax: Hey moms, it’s me, the Lorax • The Grinch: And me, The Grinch! • Lorax: You all know me; I save trees and make the world a better place! But not only do I like to make the world a better place, I also love to bring smiles to every kids face! How do I do that, you may ask? Well, here is my task. I have these tasty drinks called Fruitables, you see. It’s made with all natural fruits right from a Truffula tree! And yes, there are some vegetables in this yummy drink, but your kids won’t taste them, you’ll just turn around and wink! Mom, you and I know the secret to this nutritious mixture, all you have to do is look at the big picture! • The Grinch: You know that it’s hard for me to approve, because I hate everything that moves! But once I had a sip of this drink, I didn’t know what to think! Suddenly, my idea of everything was flipped upside down, I did everything but frown! I’m telling you, these Fruitable things are great, hurry and buy some, don’t be late! • The Lorax: Go to your local grocery store now, hurry along! These juice boxes are so tasty that they won’t be there for long! • The Grinch and The Lorax: For a fruit juice that will make your taste buds burst, try Fruitables to quench your thirst! This is fruit in a box that will rock your socks!

  27. New and Improved Website • Create a link for parents and a separate link for children. • Make more interactive with games and visuals on children’s site. • Provide nutritional facts, coupons, and FAQ’s on parents site.

  28. Packaging • Create a variety pack of juices rather than just one flavor per pack • Images of new juice boxes with Dr. Suess characters on the front

  29. Promotions • 1. NFL Play 60- Email a picture of yourself playing a sport to to receive a coupon for a free variety pack of Fruitables. (limit one per customer) • 2. On Apple and Eve’s website enter to win two tickets to Broadway’s “Suessical the Musical”

  30. Bibliography • Kuchinskas, Susan. "The Mom Achiever: The Hard Working, Highly Educated Mothers of Today." 27 Feb. 2012. Web. 18 Apr. 2012. <>. • Levins, Hoag. "Inside the Mommy Blogger Business." 08 June 2009. Web. 18 Apr. 2012. <>. • Patel, Kunur. "Study SAys More Parents Embracing Mobile Coupns." 12 Aug. 2010. Web. 18 Apr. 2012. <>.