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  1. The Campaign

  2. Let’s Save Public Schools! • Let’s inform the media, politicians, and the general public about the issues teachers care most about! • Let’s stop the dismantling of public education! • Let’s restore respect for the teaching profession! • Let’s embolden more teachers to get involved and take action!

  3. The Decline to Sign Campaign • The Decline to Sign Campaign alerted teachers to realities of the 25% contract. • The goal was to raise awareness, unite teachers with a common voice, and send a message to the General Assembly through school board resolutions opposing the policy. • As of April 7th, 48 school boards, over 40% of all NC school boards, have passed resolutions opposing this policy! • Over 50% of all NC K-12 students are served by these school districts!

  4. Key Issues: • Raise teacher pay & per-pupil funding to the nat’l avg. • Restore pay steps for all state employees • Teaching Assistants for all K-3 classrooms • Class size limits for all K-12 classrooms • Minimize time used for test-taking & prep • Only developmentally appropriate testing • Guard against “cherry-picking” of high-scoring students by certain charter schools • Restore master’s & doctoral pay • Restore career status and due process • Restore Teaching Fellows

  5. Maximize number of petition signatures. Teachers visit legislative incumbents and candidates to invite them to town halls and legislative forums. Town Halls for teachers to tell their stories to the audience with candidates and the media listening. Legislative forums where candidates go on record regarding where they stand on our issues. Turn out voters for the May 6th election and primary. Mobilize teachers, parents, and students to the legislature or local education rallies on May 14th. Write, call, and visit state legislators in their offices. Fill legislature balcony seating on Monday nights. Key Steps:

  6. Click to download campaign materials. Share the online petition at this link. Call your NCAE UniServ Director orLocal Chapter NCAE President if you need extra support or information on what is going on! Meet with your local legislative candidates, ask them to sign thepetition, and invite them to an upcoming Town Hall or Candidate Forum. Getting Started

  7. Your local NCAE UniServ Director or Activist Committee are scheduling Town Halls & Legislative Forums near you. We encourage retired teachers to moderate them. Candidate Forum & Interview Questions will be available for everyone in attendance, who are encouraged to keep these issues the focus of the evening. Town Halls & Forums

  8. The President of your local chapter should facilitate legislative candidate endorsement interviews. Contact your local President to find our how you can get involved. Endorsement Interview Questions should be utilized during the interviews. Endorsement Meetings

  9. The General Assembly begins its short and only legislative session of 2014 on May 14th. Teachers can ask their principal for a personal day on May 14th(2 weeks notice is best) this time, it’s personal! Public schools supporters, wearingRED and/or t-shirts will greet legislators as they arrive in the morning and begin filling the balconies at 11am Every Wednesday: Local activities directed at legislators: calls, emails, post cards, office visits, etc. May 14th:They’re Back!

  10. Summer Activism • As soon as school’s out, teachers and supporters of public education will host instructional conferences across our state to maximize the power, effectiveness, and number of people across our state who will join us in this fight for public schools. We need folks like you to help make this happen! • Visit,, or the NCAE Facebook page for information regarding training dates

  11. Fall Activism • It’s all hands on deck as we work together to GOTV (Get Out The Vote)! Local chapters of the NCAE are currently interviewing legislative candidates for endorsements. Fall is all about getting these people elected through phone banking, door-knocking, voter education, and souls to the polls! • It’s all about engaging people and signing up new members so share your story with some potential members today!

  12. So Let’s Get Going! We can’t do this without you! If you aren’t a member already, please consider joining the NCAE at this link: