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  1. Campaign Promises

  2. Campaign Promises Politicians are making promises and voters are examining their records to see if they kept them. If they aren’t kept, excuses or reasons are given. Maybe some had good intentions but because of unforeseen circumstances they couldn’t fulfill it. But others tell people what they want to hear and have no intentions of carrying it out. If they didn’t carry them out in the past, how can we trust what they say they will do in the future?

  3. Consider the Promises of Jesus Two men thought Jesus had not kept His promise to redeem Israel (Luke 24:13-24). After Jesus died, they were so dejected that they didn’t consider the evidence of His resurrection. Jesus did not come to be an earthly king & rejected the people’s desire to make him one (Jn. 6:15; 18:36). We may suffer in this life because politicians fail to keep their promises, but if Jesus failed to keep every promise, we are all doomed for destruction. Let us consider the promises Jesus made and whether He fulfilled them from the Scriptures.

  4. Jesus Promised He Would Suffer & Die He told His apostles (Mt. 16:21; 17:22-23; 20:17ff). If Jesus was a politician, how would this promise help Him to be prosperous, powerful, and popular and His followers to be devoted, enthusiastic, and fervent in their zeal for Him? It didn’t. Peter rebuked Him and Jesus told him that he was setting his mind on man’s interest (Mt. 16:22). The Jews were arguing that Jesus… perverted their nation… forbid to pay taxes… was going to destroy the temple… claimed to be a king and also the Son of God so they said that he ought to die. (Luke 23:2; Mark 14:58; John 19:7)

  5. Jesus Promised He Would Suffer & Die Was Jesus a sinner? If he did, he could not be the fulfillment of Scripture (Isaiah 53:9). His apostles Peter and Judas testified that he was not a sinner, the people could not convict him of sin, and Pilate said he wasn’t guilty. (1 Pet. 2:22; Mt. 27:4; John 8:46; John 19:4) Jesus said that He gave up His life as a command from His Father (John 10:17-18; Phil. 2:8). Why? It wasn’t because Jesus was to weak to overpower the Roman guards, the Jewish rulers, the people, because He could have called twelve legions of angels to free Him (Matthew 26:53). Jesus died for our sins (1 Corinthians 15:3).

  6. Jesus Promised He Would Suffer & Die Shockingly, the religious leaders, (who should have been his most loyal supporters), stirred up the people to let a murderer go free who voted with their voices to have Jesus crucified (Mt. 27:20ff). Jesus died, which was verified by the Romans and testified by the apostle John (John 19:31-35). What is amazing is that His most loyal supporters (the apostles), left him & fled, Judas committed suicide and Peter denied Him (Mt. 26:56; 69ff; 27:5). From all appearances, Jesus looked like a failure!

  7. Jesus Promised to Rise Again the 3rd Day No politician would ever promise that he would rise from the dead because it is out of his control. Jesus promised this many times in the same passages as his promise of crucifixion (Luke 9:22). The Jews remembered His promise and convinced Pilate to secure the tomb (Matthew 27:62-66). Look at all the security precautions: (the tomb was covered by an immoveable stone, it was sealed so that no one could steal the body, and the guards would be put to death if the body was missing). The Jews helped to verify the prophecy by doing everything possible to keep His body in the tomb.

  8. Jesus Promised to Rise Again the 3rd Day The angels told the women at the tomb that Jesus had risen from the dead (Luke 24:5-10). The women told the apostles and they thought it was nonsense (Luke 24:11). After this, Jesus explained to the two men on the way to Emmaus the fulfillment of all that Moses and the prophets had spoken about Him (Luke 24:25ff). Jesus had to appear several times to the disciples for them to believe that He was really raised from the dead and there were many other eyewitnesses. (Acts 1:3; 1 Cor. 15:3-8)

  9. Jesus Promised to Establish His Kingdom He preached that the kingdom of heaven was at hand. (Mt. 3:2; 4:17, 23; 9:35) He gave Peter the keys to the kingdom (Mt. 16:18-19) We aren’t waiting for His kingdom to come today because some who were standing there when He spoke would be alive when it came to pass. (Matthew 16:28) He said it would come with power in Jerusalem upon them which was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost when Peter preached that Jesus is the Christ. (Mark 9:1; Luke 24:49; Acts 1:3-5; 2:14-36)

  10. Jesus Promised to Establish His Kingdom About 3,000 people were baptized and the Lord added the saved to the church (Acts 2:41, 47) Jesus established His kingdom in Acts 2 fulfilling what He had promised as recorded in Matthew 16:18-19. The apostle Paul taught that those who had received the forgiveness of sins were in His kingdom. (Colossians 1:13-14) The apostle John was in the kingdom (Rev. 1:5-6, 9). We are not waiting for Jesus to set up a physical kingdom in Jerusalem, as He is already the King of Kings sitting at God’s right hand on David’s throne in a spiritual kingdom (Acts 2:30-33; 1 Tim. 6:15).

  11. Did Jesus Keep His Promises? We examine the track record of a candidate to see if he has kept His promises. Examine the track record of Jesus. He promised He would suffer & die and He fulfilled it. He promised He would rise again on the 3rd day and He did! He promised He would establish His kingdom & He did! Jesus made another promise.

  12. Who Will You Vote For? He promised eternal life to all who obey Him and condemnation to those who don’t. (John 3:36; Hebrews 5:8-9). Early voting has already begun for the President and our representatives but today may be the last time you get an opportunity to “cast your spiritual vote” . Will you “vote” for your family’s religion? Will you “write in” a candidate? (Martin Luther, Joel Osteen, Buddha, Muhummad) Or will you “vote” for the one with the perfect track record, who has kept every promise He made.

  13. Conclusion You have the freedom of choice to “vote” for who you want but there are eternal consequences. Voting for Jesus isn’t enough. You have to live for Him. Campaign workers send literature to tell others about their candidate. (We tell others about the gospel). Campaign workers make phone calls to encourage you to vote. (We invite friends to worship). Campaign workers attend political rallies to show their public support. (We worship God with the saints.) This is one election where the winner will not be one with the most votes (Matthew 7:13-14). Who will follow Jesus standing for the right?