don t let sleeping dogs lie n.
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DON’T LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE. TEFL TABOOS CONTINUED. “Controversy equalizes fools and wise men – and the fools know it” Oliver Wendell Holmes “If it matters it produces controversy” Jay Greene

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don t let sleeping dogs lie




“Controversy equalizes fools and wise men – and the fools know it”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

“If it matters it produces controversy”

Jay Greene

“A civilization in which there is not a continuous controversy about important issues is on the way to totalitarianism and death”

Robert Maynard Hutchins

Why ?

Contro + versus = “turnedagainst”

Conflictnot –ve

Currentcurriculumbasedonconflictavoidance and evadedtopics

Missing a chance toeducatefuturecitizens

Teenagerstalking / Morals / Puchta

Overtoyou !

the issues
The Issues
  • Medical
  • Social and Political
  • Gender
  • Transcendental


Euthanasia, abortion, addiction, medical use of marihuana, mental illnesses, geneticmanipulation, contraception, sex education, tenagepregnancy, eatingdisorders, bodyimage, organ sales

Social & Political

Poverty , ditribution of wealth, illegalaliens, media censorship & imperialismetc, militarycoups, systems of government, globalisation, unemployment,equal access to education, health and housing, revolutions, utopias and dystopias, prisons, crime and punishment, death penalty, disabilities


Homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestism, transsexuals and sex-change operations. Transgender, gender violence, sexual abuse, heterosexuality, expected roles of men and women, single-parent families, same-sex marriage, gay adoption


Religion; faith & fanaticism, atheism, self-help, death, life after death

the how
The How
  • Shock ! Suprise ! Inform !
  • Learners’ values
  • Teacher’s role
  • Classroom Management
  • Discussionguidelines
classroom management
Classroom Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Atmosphere of respect, responsibility and open-mindedness
  • Questionourown ideas and bepreparedtochangethem
  • No hurtingpeople’sfeelingsordiscreditingtheir ideas willynilly
  • Knowledgeis fundamental. Providethe data forinformedcomments
  • Keepthediscussionontrack (don’timmediatelydisregardspeakerscommentsbutaskthemtoexplaintheconnection)
  • Wholeclassparticipation
  • Feedbackis key
example guidelines
  • Always listen carefully, with an open mind, to the contributions of others
  • Ask for clarification when you don't understand a point someone has made
  • If you challenge others' ideas, do so with evidence and appropriate logic
  • Always criticise ideas or positions, not people
  • If others challenge your ideas, be willing to change your mind if they demonstrate errors in your logic or use of the facts
  • Explain the relevance of issues that you mention when their relevance might not be obvious to others in the class
  • If others have made a point with which you agree, only repeat it when you have something new or important to add
  • Be respectful of turn taking. Let other people talk. Participation must be even
  • Above all, respect the beliefs of others, even if they differ from yours
the what
The What
  • Material selection
  • Lesson Ideas
  • Follow up activities
  • Writing - Fur Debate
  • Listening - Song
  • Speaking - Roleplay
  • Reading - Clockwork Orange
  • Stimulatesdiscussion
  • Education in real matters
  • Requiresknowledge,preparation and selection
  • Control
  • Clear view of teacher role
  • Loads of Material, adaptable foralltheskills
  • Real Englishfor real lifetopics

SONGS: “Sally’s Pigeons” by Cyndi Lauper“Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna SHORT STORIES:“Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway“The Abortion” by Alice WalkerREADING Abortion: Are you pro-life or pro-choice? (from Taboos and Issues) SPEAKING Role play based on Madonna’s songDebateTalk show with assigned rolesShort Story DiscussionsLISTENING “Sex Education”“Abortion in India” Piece“In-Someone’s-Shoes” NarrativeResponding to the Short StoriesVIDEO “The Abortion War” ( “Speak Out - Episode 11” ( AND LEXISModal VerbsVocabulary on Health and Parts of the BodyVocabulary on BabiesVocabulary on Sex Education / Contraception

  • Mariano Quinterno
  • “TeachingTeenagerstoSpeakEnglish” Herbert Puchta, La Plata, Buenos Aires 24/10/10
  • UTN
  • A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
  • Taboos and IssuesbyRichard MacAndrew ,Ron Martinez