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UKBA/Border Force restricted infrastructure: weekly dashboard PowerPoint Presentation
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UKBA/Border Force restricted infrastructure: weekly dashboard

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UKBA/Border Force restricted infrastructure: weekly dashboard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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W/E: 14 th April 2013. UKBA/Border Force restricted infrastructure: weekly dashboard. OVERALL EXPERIENCE. APPLICATION PERFORMANCE.

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ukba border force restricted infrastructure weekly dashboard

W/E: 14th April 2013

UKBA/Border Force restricted infrastructure: weekly dashboard



High bandwidth utilisation, high WAN latency and high citrix latency is being experienced across a number of mainly “small sites” i.e. those sites with circuits of 2mb or less.

Network RTT - the time required for a network communication to travel from the source to the destination and back.

Data is based on the average across the service hours of 7am – 7pm, Monday – Friday.

Network dispatchers* have been switched off at 47small sites from 7am – 7pm, M – F (6am – midnight for Juxtaposed) as an interim measure to improve network performance .

Investigations have confirmed that Juxtaposed sites have been pointed at the wrong location for SEP updates – a change to correct this is being progressed. Also a new router – to reduce packet sizes - is being implemented this week at Calais.

The RES Wisdom upgrade to reduce network chatter is now targeted for the end of April (precise dates to be agreed).

*(dispatcher refers tothe service which distributes software updates and patches etc to Poise devices).

Top 10 sites experiencing poor network performance

Red= average hourly RTT above 250ms >2 hrs(or 2 consecutive hrs 7pm-7am) Amber-= average hourly RTT above 100ms >2 hrs(or 2 consecutive hrs 7pm-7am)


There were a total of 4062 incidents (excluding auto alerts) last week, this is a increase of 909 on the figures for the previous week. The overall performance (% resolved within SLA) shows a dip. However the performance for P1’s improved slightly. The P1 and P2 achievement for the last two weeks is shown in the chart to the left and the table below gives a comparison for all incident priority levels.

P1 / P2 Incidents w/e 07/04/13 & 14/04/13

Green Day Summary


Internet: On Friday some users were unable to access external websites for approximately 90 minutes.

TAMS: On Monday users were unable to access TAMS for approximately 60 minutes.

iApply: On Tuesday Tier 4 appointments were not appearing on the drop down menu for appointment bookings via iApply.

iDecide: On Friday afternoon the ICW cover sheet would not generate and time outs were experienced. Also on Friday the iDecide to CRS ETL job was failing, this was resolved by an emergency change over the weekend.

IABS: On Wednesday no VISA transactions were being received by IABS for approximately 60 minutes due to an FCOS incident.

PEO Enrolment: On Thursday there were outstanding IDENT1 results due to an IDENT1 incident.

Cards: On Wednesday PKISS card production was unavailable for approximately 60 minutes.

WI Central: On Tuesday issues were experienced with Cross Check searches.

Semaphone: On Monday users reported slow performance within Semaphore and on Wednesday users reported that no information had populated in the Semaphore system overnight.

e- Gates: Throughout the week a number of individual gates across multiple sites experienced a variety of issues .

The Service Desk continues to generate very positive call handling performance with all SLA targets being met or exceeded this week. Calls per user also continues to be very low.