uranus dragon probe and orbiter n.
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Uranus Dragon probe and orbiter

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Uranus Dragon probe and orbiter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uranus Dragon probe and orbiter. Two dragon capsules and one trunk travel to Uranus; one dragon docks with and removes the other from falcon heavy third stage after TUI ( Apollo).

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uranus dragon probe and orbiter

Uranus Dragon probe and orbiter

Two dragon capsules and one trunk travel to Uranus; one dragon docks with and removes the other from falcon heavy third stage after TUI( Apollo).

One dragon is the atmospheric probe and is released from the Dragon/trunk stack before UOI. Dragon probe is unique in that it has a TPS. It may be able to deploy multiple balloon probes.

Second Dragon relays data from probe and inters Uranus orbit.

  • During planetary flybys deploy atmosphere probes to multiple planetary targets
  • Inside the dragon is a rotary probe dispenser, or the probes are externally attached or both!
  • Uranus dragon orbiter needs small fission reactor.
  • Long lived avionics.
  • Dragon atmosphere probe needs shallow aerocapture followed by a second ED, during aerocapture maneuver Dragon probe sheds one or more probes with ablation shields. During second entry probes use dragons ablation shields
uranus dragon verses decadal survey uranus probe
Uranus Dragon verses Decadal survey Uranus probe

Decadal survey orbiter

Dragon orbiter

  • Capture delta V 1660 M/S
  • Very challenging with aerocapture
  • 7.5kbps downlink with 2.5 M dish duo to power constraints from ASRG.
  • 2 NEXT engines 20 KW power
  • Same
  • Dragon has a TPS; however we would need to jettison the trunk.
  • The trunk has the deep space avionics and communications gear in our designs
  • We use small fission reactor to enable greater power transmitter
  • 5 NEXT engines powered by small fission reactor, requires extended Dragon trunk + NTO/MMH
uranus dragon atmosphere probe
Uranus Dragon atmosphere probe

Kamikaze Uranus dragon!

  • Has 4 externally mounted entry probes; these are deployed over a period of time as the Dragon makes a shallow atmospheric entry.
  • 130 kg each = 540 kg externally mounted on Dragon
  • 4 balloon probes internal in the dragon, deployed with Draco's firing and at subsonic speeds
  • Uranus Dragon probe end of mission; after deploying external and internal probes dragon has its own atmosphere probe and a “wolf trap” or on board microscope to sample atmosphere water droplets for life!