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FIFTH GRADE ORIENTATION. May 31, 2012. ROSELLE PARK. Welcome Parents!. • Mrs. Grasso • Mr. Shriner ~Principal ~Vice Principal • Mrs. Pons, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Ollinick ~Guidance Counselors • Genesis Vasquez-Guidance Intern • Council of Ten

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  2. Welcome Parents! •Mrs. Grasso • Mr. Shriner ~Principal ~Vice Principal • Mrs. Pons, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Ollinick ~Guidance Counselors •Genesis Vasquez-Guidance Intern • Council of Ten ~Joseph Woods,President ~Nadia Diaz, Vice President ~Thomas Rennar, Secretary ~William Ferdinando, Treasurer

  3. TOPICS OF DISCUSSION • Bell Schedule • Course Selection • Grading Policy • Assessment • Early Dismissal/ Delayed Opening • Lunch Schedule • Teaming • Guidance Program • Roy Dragon Media Center • Special Events • PTA

  4. Bell Schedule • 8:06- 8:15 Homeroom • 8:15- 8:55 Period 1 • 8:58- 9:38 Period 2 • 9:41- 10:21 Period 3 • 10:24-11:04 Period 4 • 11:07-11:47 Period 5 (lunch) • 11:50-12:30 Period 6 • 12:33-1:13 Period 7 • 1:16-1:56 Period 8 • 1:59-2:40 Period 9

  5. Course Selection • Language Arts Literacy/ Literacy • Honors Language Arts Literacy/ Literacy • Mathematics • Honors Mathematics • Social Studies • Science • Math Problem Solving

  6. Cycle Courses • Art • Industrial Arts • Music • World Language • Computers • Physical Education • Health

  7. Grading Policy

  8. Grading Policy

  9. Assessment • All students will receive 4 mid-marking progress reports a year. • Report cards will be mailed out at the end of each marking period. • Middle School policy: contact is made home once a student reaches 3 missing homework assignments. • Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for November.

  10. Lunch Schedule • 6th Grade Lunch is 40 minutes: ~11:07 until 11:47 ~Students are able to go outside for recess during lunch. ~Student ID’s can be used as debit cards.

  11. Early Dismissal/ Delayed Opening • In the event weather conditions may require the early closure of school, the Middle School will close at 12:55 p.m. • In the event weather conditions may require a delayed opening of school, the Middle School will open its door at 9:50 a.m. and school will begin at 10:00 a.m.

  12. What is Teaming? • One period a day, the following content teachers meet to discuss various topics. - Literacy - Language Arts - Math - Social Studies - Science - Math Problem Solving • Throughout the year, parents may be called in to join a team meeting.

  13. Guidance Program • Mrs. Pons, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Ollinick • State Testing • Affirmation Sheets / Agenda Book Checks • Academic Counseling • Parent Conferences • Group Counseling • Individual Counseling • Scheduling

  14. Roy Dragon Media Center • 50 HP Compaq HP 7540/ HP L1706 • Connected to the LAN and Internet • Classes are scheduled in the morning and afternoon.

  15. Special Events • Band/Chorus/Handbell Choir • Holiday Program • Spring Concert • End of year celebration • Halloween/Winter Parties • Passionate Learner Day • Student Government Day • Talent Show • Field Trips • Spirit Days • All School Picnic • Student Council

  16. Advisory • Advisory is an integral part of the Middle School philosophy and is designed to meet the individual needs of our students and provides an opportunity for each student to get to know one teacher as an advocate, mentor, and advisor. Community Service Projects Required 

  17. Tips for a Successful Year ▪Communication- www.rpsd.org--- homework and e-mail click-Middle School, Staff, Teachers Genesis--- record keeping system ▪Organization---bags, materials, lockers ▪Follow the School Rules ▪Take advantage of extra help times!

  18. How do I join PTA? • Jeanine Goodis, President ~ Always supportive ~ Please assist these wonderful activities.

  19. Questions Answers

  20. Tour of the Middle School ~Please take a map of the building before beginning your tour.


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