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REFUGEES. R efugee migrations are also in the category of forced migrations. FORCED MIGRATION.

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  2. Refugeemigrations are alsoin the category of forced migrations

  3. FORCED MIGRATION • Migration as a necessity of life, migration is the result of some environmental factors. Migration, the demographic structure of the society, which is effective in identifying one of the basic indicators. • People from the past,migrated because of armed conflict, oppression, violence and natural disasters…

  4. Some reasons of refugee migration:

  5. disputes, conflicts because of political reasons

  6. - jeopardizing the safety of life and property because of disputes , conflicts which caused some problems(for example political reasons) • -This issue is too new in international agenda

  7. The factof forced migration in türkiye

  8. Türkiye is a suitable country for immigrations because of its geographical location and socio-economic position

  9. A lot of people migrate to Türkiye because of some political ,economic and social conflict


  11. INFORMATION • Before 1921,only voluntary organızations cared,and they helped them

  12. INFORMATION • -We can see refugee migration everywhere in the world

  13. INFORMATION • -The number of immigrants were 1.203.936 between 1923 and 1960

  14. INFORMATION • - The most unexpected migration was after Körfez war ,and 400.000 kurdish -immigrants came to Türkiye from Iraq

  15. 1951 Terms of agreement ,not suitable for their immigration.But Türkiye agreed this immigration because of the seriousness of the situation.!!!!!!

  16. INFORMATION • Between 1923-1997, 1.648.077 people migrated to Türkiye from other countries.

  17. INFORMATION • Türkiyehas problems because ofillegal immigrations. • -In 2009 ,34.345 and last 15 years 796.494 people migrate with illegal waysto EU countries.

  18. INFORMATION • Unfortunately ,there is a migration allthe time.

  19. INFORMATION • -If refugees want to stay ın Türkiyetheymust apply to UNHCR TürkiyeOffice • %30-40of applicants are entitled to be refugee status

  20. INFORMATION • Finally there are 120.140 (June 2013) refugeesin Türkiyeand it has beenincreasingdaybydayandtheconflict has beengrowingupallover Türkiye.


  22. The Child Protection Agency have made a research about Syria war since two years. This search is determine the impact on children. The Child Protection Agency explain it with 'Children Under Fire' report. In this report talk about the children had to leave their home with family and then they started to live in the cove, they can't go to school because the schools are being targeted, they had food and medicine problem etc. 2 millions children need of assistance. They die or they are killed. They can't see their family ,friends. When they are 8 ,they have a gun. Elisabeth Dahlin of Radda Bornen General-Secretary said that we couldn't allow to do ıt. In refugee camp , girls and young women get married because they run away from camp.

  23. Being Lebanese refugee children

  24. The most affected on children by war, they are struggling under difficult conditions of life. Their toys are made of plastic bottles. THERE ARE SOME PHOTOS OF LEBANESE REFUGEE CHILDREN

  25. The most affected by the crisis in Syria are in Ürdün, it has opened a new camp space. In this camp there will live 5 thousand refugees. It has got water and electric way.

  26. refugee camps full of dramatic stories

  27. In Syria running away from civil war Syrians are coming to Turkey. Some newcomers Syrians come back their country to fight. In refugee camp there is full of pain and tear. Most of people know they will never seetheir family again. But they are happy because their children are safe in Turkey now. Everyday , 250 Syrians come to Turkey. Men against Esed are coming back to save their country. So the refugee camp is full of women and children. There are 110 000 Syrians in Turkey.


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