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Allied Advances

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Allied Advances. World War II. De Gaulle: France. Winston Churchill: England. FDR:USA. Key Players: Allied Powers. London Bombings. In 1940 Germany began a massive bombing campaign to demoralize Great Britain The RAF successfully defended Great Britain via radar!. Free France.

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allied advances

Allied Advances

World War II

key players allied powers

De Gaulle: France

Winston Churchill: England


Key Players: Allied Powers
london bombings
London Bombings
  • In 1940 Germany began a massive bombing campaign to demoralize Great Britain
  • The RAF successfully defended Great Britain via radar!
free france
Free France

General Charles DeGaulle led the government in exile – Free French

Resistance Fighters continued to try to disrupt German occupation of France with assassination & sabotage

america s supporting role

America’s Supporting Role

Cash and Carry


Atlantic Charter



1. The act of interning or confining, especially in wartime.

2. The state of being interned; confinement

invasion of the soviet union
Invasion of the Soviet Union
  • Hitler needed raw materials; oil & grain
  • Planned a 3-pronged attack on the Soviet Union
battle of stalingrad
Battle of Stalingrad
  • Prolonged German offensive
  • Initially, Germany gained control of 90% of the city
  • However…the Germans had severely underestimated the Russian winter!
battle of stalingrad1
Battle of Stalingrad
  • As a result, Russian forces were able to launch a counteroffensive
  • Encircled the German army & forced their surrender
north africa
North Africa
  • September 1940: Italy attacked the British forces in Egypt.
  • The German and British armies did most of the fighting in North Africa.
  • At El Alamein, in 1942, the Germans were finally forced to retreat.
    • Halted by British & American Tanks
  • Operation Torch
    • The first fighting between American and German troops in WWII.


allied invasion of italy
Allied invasion of Italy
  • The Allies launched an invasion of Sicily from North Africa in 1943
allied invasion of italy1
Allied invasion of Italy
  • Mussolini was denounced & arrested by the Italian government
  • Italy announced a declaration of war against Germany
  • Rome falls to Allies 1944
victories in the pacific

Battle of Coral Sea

Midway: Turning Point & Island Hopping

Victories in the Pacific
d day