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Ms . Vance’s Science Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Ms . Vance’s Science Class

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Ms . Vance’s Science Class

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Ms . Vance’s Science Class

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  1. Ms. Vance’s Science Class Week 1

  2. Science Classroom Expectations We RESPECT each other. We LEARN from our mistakes. We are a TEAM. We TRY our best. We CREATE. WE CELEBRATE each other’s success.

  3. Science Safety Contract Safety is priority in the science classroom and the science lab. Horseplay of any sort WILL NOT be tolerated. The science safety contract is your commitment to follow all safety and science classroom rules.

  4. Science Journals!!! Thomas Edison’s Journal Page Your science journal will be used DAILY. Science journals MAY not leave the classroom without permission from Ms. Vance. Science journals are set up with a specific purpose. Right side=Teacher Left side=Student Journals will be graded throughout the year!

  5. Science Starters EVERYDAY you will complete a science starter when you come into the room. You have 5 minutes to complete this question. (Get started quickly!) We will review the question as a class and discuss the answers in detail. This gives you an opportunity to change your answer if needed. Every Friday, you will take a quiz over the science starter questions.

  6. Safety Equipment and Lab Tools

  7. Safety Rules!

  8. Science Safety • Click the link to go to the science safety rap

  9. A little demonstration.. What did the egg white represent? Do you have rubbing alcohol in your house? What would happen to your eye if some alcohol splashed in your eye? Why is it important to wear goggles while working with chemicals?

  10. Safety Model Using the supplies you were given, chose ONE person from your group to be a “safety model”. Have that person dress in as much safety gear as possible, and send them to the front of the room when finished. The rest of the group should SIT DOWN at your table.

  11. Safety Pictures As a group, look at the pictures on your table. Do you see any safety concerns? Do you see things being done correctly? In your journal, write down as many concerns as you see with each picture. (divide your page with a line between each picture) Be prepared to explain your answers.

  12. Let’s Review! Show what you know about science safety! Let’s play a game to review. Match the safety scenario to the correct lab safety rule.

  13. Safety Posters Using a manilla sheet of paper, draw a DETAILED poster showing the CORRECT use a of a safety rule. Refer to your journal if you are having trouble remembering a safety rule. Be sure to use the ENTIRE page and make your drawing VERY neat.

  14. Time for a Safety Video…

  15. Safety Symbols

  16. More Safety Posters… Using the poster on your table, design a sign for either safety rules or safety symbols (your teacher will tell you which). This poster should CLEARLY explain the lab safety rules or the safety symbols. Make them nice and neat-they will be hung in the science lab!