welcome to science class n.
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Welcome to Science Class! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Science Class!

Welcome to Science Class!

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Welcome to Science Class!

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  1. Welcome to Science Class! Mrs. Noelle Belaski

  2. Noelle Belaski • 9th year of teaching, all at FMS • I am certified to teach k-5 (all subjects) and 4-8 Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. • This year I will teach 6th and 7th Grade Science. • I only teach 3 periods a day, 3rd, 4th and 5th periods. • However, I am usually here by 8 am. About your teacher

  3. Likes Dislikes Snakes Ferris Wheels Dead things SNEAKINESS Tattling Being tapped on the shoulder Students touching/going behind my desk • Structure, routines and organization! • Chocolate -covered pretzels • Middle schoolers • Flip-flops • Reading • HGTV • Disney World • Biking • Spending time with my family More about your teacher

  4. I give each student a folder at the beginning of each unit. • It will be stored in your table’s basket unless you need to take it home to complete an assignment or study for an assessment. • At the end of the unit, you will take the folder home, store it someplace safe so that it will be easy to find when it comes time to review for spring testing. • You will need to provide 8-10 sheets of notebook paper each unit. • You will need to bring a sharpened pencil, an open mind, and a good attitude every day! What you will need for my class

  5. What you will learn in my class (6th grade)

  6. What you will learn in my class (7th Grade)

  7. I see my role as a guide, leading my students in a quest to obtain the key (education) and encouraging them to utilize it to unlock the door to a bright future. To that end, I strive not only to share my knowledge but also to ignite in my students a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, my goal is for each one of my students to become a productive citizen of our world and to reach his or her full potential in life. My Education Philosophy

  8. I run a VERY busy classroom. • I run a very structured classroom. • We have a lot to learn, and we have to make every minute count, every day. • I like to use a variety of ways to teach a concept. • I run a lot of labs, activities, problem-based learning scenarioes, and Promethean Board lessons. How we learn in my classroom

  9. Because we are so busy, every minute counts! • I expect that when the bell rings, you are in your seat, you have a sharpened pencil, you have checked the board for instructions (HW out, HW copied into your agenda, etc) and you are ready to start class. • I expect you to be prepared for class every day. • HW complete • Necessary materials in hand What I expect from my students

  10. I always put a warm-up on the board (I will show you and example in a moment…) • I expect you to go directly to your seat (no milling about), sit down, check the board, and complete all instructions as given. • This is the time to sharpen pencils, gather materials, etc • Do not touch the materials in the center of the table – we will get to them!! • No passes of any kind will be given until my instructions have been followed. • When the bell rings, I will start signing agendas (have them ready and open for me) and checking HW. If you have any questions, this is a good time to ask! • Once I have signed all agendas/checked HW, I will make my way to the front of the room. This is your signal to halt all conversation and focus on me Entering my class

  11. Open your IT to page 84 • Log in to a netbook , get an internet connection • Copy HW into your agenda • Facebook WS due Monday • Parent info sheet/syllabus due Monday • Warm-up: • Which of the following is a limitation of models? • A) They are large enough to be seen • B) They do not act exactly like the thing that they model • They are smaller than the thing they model • The use familiar things to model unfamiliar things Sample Warm-up

  12. Power Point: Whole class, teacher-led. • I will share info that you will need for future lessons/labs/problems. Notes taken by students. I will teach you how to most effectively participate in these lessons next week. • Labs/Activities: Small-group, student-led. • You will extend the knowledge you gained during the PPT lesson by carrying out a lab/activity • Inquiry/Problem-Based: Small-group, student-led. • I will give you a limited amount of information in the form of a question to be answered. You will research to find all information required and come to a conclusion. These types of lessons will take a week or more. • Centers/Projects/Differentiated Activities: Individual, student-led. • You will be given a series of centers/tasks to complete in a finite period of time. Types of classes

  13. The bell does not dismiss you, I dismiss you. • Do not leap from your seat like your are trying to escape me --- it hurts my feelings : ( • Make sure your table is how you found it. • Which will be tidy and orderly : ) • Make sure all papers to be turned in have been turned in at the end of your table • Not turned in = late • Late work = 50% reduction in grade • Take all your belongings with you • Do not come back once I have started my next class for things left behind Dismissal

  14. Classwork: 40%: Labs, activities or assignments started and (usually) completed during class. • Warm-ups are included as a classwork grade. • Turned in each Friday • Homework: 15% -- 2-3 times per week • Assessments: 30% -- quizzes, unit tests, CDAs • Project: 10% --- 1 per 9 weeks • Participation: 5% How your grade will be figured out

  15. I post all PPTs on my page on the FMS website under “Presentations”. • You can find the notes to accompany under “Forms”. • To keep my copy count down, I do not make extra copies. If you lose something, check under “Forms” on my webpage and print it out at home or in the MC. • If you are absent, you have 1 day per day out to turn in make up work (or you could check my webpage and come back up to speed!) • Late work accepted at any time at a 50% reduction in grade. Other info