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DeVry University

DeVry University

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DeVry University

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  1. GRAB - The Cross Platform iPhone, iPad & Android Phone Sharing Application August 2011 DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  2. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ” ~Arthur C. Clarke DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  3. Imagine being able to sync two phones with nothing but a simple gesture. No cords, no typing, no hassle. Grab can transfer and share contacts, group lists, personal calendars, event invites, places, music, video, social network status feeds and more! What is Grab? DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  4. Why is Grab Unique? Available in iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7, Grab works easily and fast unlike similar sharing apps because it utilizes Wi-Fi, GPS, and Packet Data for the fastest share transfers on the mobile platform. DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  5. Multimedia • Invitations What Can Be Shared? • Places & Directions • Contacts & Group Lists • Social Media • Personal Calendars DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  6. Android Tablet PC or Phone, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, or Java Me platform device. • Touch Screen • GPS / Wifi & Mobile Internet Connection Application Requirements DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  7. By enabling GPS, Wi-Fi, and your phones existing data packet to utilize the highest speed connection possible for faster sharing. How Does Grab Work? Pre-Download Steps Step 1: Download the App Step 2: Accept application permissions. Step 3: Share DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  8. Free option 1 - Enter phone numbers of friends you want to share with. Free option 2 – Share app on social networking profile of your choice. Free option 3 – Text app download link and description to 5 or more friends. After sharing has taken place and two or more users have downloaded the Grab app, the user will get a notification via text message saying your app share was successful and the contact that was shared with will automatically be listed in Grab contacts. How to Download Grab DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  9. Step 4: Load Grab Contacts - To share with friends, select (names) and click the share button. The friend will get a notification that says (name) wants to share (item) with you. Get Started DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  10. Permissions Step 5: Permissions - A simple yes or no selection is the key to customizing privacy and security settings. DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  11. Step 6: To share any media file or item selected simply grab, drag, and push, or swipe the item off of your devices screen. Upon accepted permissions (on the other device), the invited user(s) will get a widget fly in on screen that will show an icon of the file type shared, press enter and item will be downloaded. The final steps DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  12. Android Phone UI Display App Android UI Display The icon and display of the icon can be seen below on the iPhones' Home screen. Preview of Application on Android Market: DeVry University Donelle Vance.

  13. Secure - Before sharing with Grab each user confirms what he or she wants to send to the other user. • To use the application, two people bump their phones together, and within about five to ten seconds, a screen appears on both users' screens allowing them to confirm what they want to send to each other. • After sharing confirmation, share up to 5 files at a time. In just a few easy steps sharing and file transfer can be as easy as grabbing! Grab App Recap DeVry University Donelle Vance.