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The Science Fair Name :------------------------ Class 4/ PowerPoint Presentation
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The Science Fair Name :------------------------ Class 4/

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The Science Fair Name :------------------------ Class 4/

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The Science Fair Name :------------------------ Class 4/

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  1. The Science Fair Name:------------------------ Class 4/

  2. G-Choose the correct answers: 1- Beany was worried because------- a- she doesn’t like science. B-she wasn’t sure if they would win. c- she didn’t prepare for the fair. 2- The judges liked Jessica and Shaleeta’s project as it was------- a. easy. b. helpful. C.. creative. 3-Beany and Kevin’s project was---------- A. organized and clear. helpful and nice. nice and good. Dear Parents: Please make sure that your son/daughter can read the words mentioned in each page before reading. Example: If your child is going to read p.1 to p.3, he/she has to read the main vocabulary in each page before reading the story. 10

  3. Page 1 • expand; get bigger • Page 2 • Prize: award - trophy • Page 3 • volcanoes: • erupt: blow up – explode • Page 5 • appeared ; came into pace • Page7: • creative: inventive and imaginative • certificate: document recognizing an accomplishment 11

  4. E-Answer the following questions: 1. What was Kevin and Beany’s project about? Solids, liquids and gasses expand by heat. 2.What was Beany worried about before the science fair? She was worried that her project might not take a high mark and others might laugh at her. 3.Who won the first prize? Why? Kevin and Beany, because their project organized and clear F-Use the word in a sentence: certificate:We got a certificate for our good work. Beany is a girl in Ms. Babbitt’s class. The class is having a science fair.Beany doesn’t like science but her friend Kevin is good at science. He made two experiments to show that heat makes liquids, gases and solids expand. Beany was worried that their experiment will not get a good grade, but Kevin said that all they need is good science. 10 1

  5. C-Match each word with its meaning: prize came into place erupt get bigger expand award - trophy appeared blow up- explode D-Use the word in a good sentence: appeared:..The clown appeared at the circus. On the day of the fair, I woke up early, I said “ what if our project is the worst one in the fair?” “ what if we don’t do well at the fair?” On the bus that day, Carol Ann and Stacy were talking about the science fair and how fun it was going to be. Carol Ann said that she thinks they will win the first prize. 9 2

  6. A-Choose the correct words from the box to complete the following sentences: • 1- Our teacher says we have good ------creative----- ideas . • 2- The boy got a ---certificate- for his good work. • 3- We were so happy when the clown appeared. • 4- I have never seen a volcano before. • B-Use this word in a sentence: • erupt:You have to keep away from a volcano that erupts. Nathaniel and Montrell’s project was about how volcanoeserupt. At school, we went into the gym to put our projects for the fair. Kevin and I put our things on our table. After we finished, I walked around the gym to see what other teams are doing. I saw the volcano, then I ran to Kevin and said ”why didn’t we think of a volcano?” certificate appeared volcano creative 8 3

  7. Then, I went again around the gym. I saw Manuel and Boomer’s project. They have a planet project. They have a black tablecloth with stars on it. Then I saw Shaleeta and Jessica’s project. They had a lot of balloons and a plate of black pepper. Shaleeta rubbed a balloon on her arm, then the pepper jumped out of the plate to the balloon. One of the kids said “wow, that’s a winner!” The judges came again to tell who the winners were. In the third place, it was Jessica and Shaleeta’s project. It was creative. In the second place, it was the volcano project. I knew we couldn’t get the first prize, but the judges said that they liked a project that was clear and organized. I was about to cry but Kevin said go ahead “we won”. I jumped up and down. We had a certificate with first place on it. 7 4

  8. I felt sick, so I said to Kevin that I will go to the nurse to lie down. Parents started to come and watch the projects. Also, teachers and students from our school came to see our projects. My mum and dad came and I waved to them. Kevin said that his mother will leave her work and come to see our project. Then the judges appeared. They went from one table to another till they came to our table. Kevin’s mother came. The judges asked us what our project is about. Kevin and I showed them our experiments. The judges shook our hands and left. I asked Kevin “ why didn’t they smile, why didn’t they say wow?” Kevin said, “ we did a good job.” 6 5