welcome to science class n.
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Welcome to Science Class! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Science Class!

Welcome to Science Class!

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Welcome to Science Class!

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  1. Welcome to Science Class!

  2. What will we study this year?

  3. Everything is Related to Science!!!

  4. Ms. Heckel… Wisconsin Notre Dame Seton Hall Packers Team Owner Cheesehead Reading Shopping Archaeology Soccer Knitting Crocheting Baking Yummy Things American Cancer Society Reality TV Geocaching Yoga Playing the Piano After School Soccer Yearbook Adviser Peanuts (Snoopy!) Cupcakes Traveling Starbucks Nook Color Sea Turtles Chipotle Panera Coke Zero Fantasy Football

  5. Mr. Haerle Montclair State New York Giants Fantasy Football Hiking Married Mr. Haerle’s wife is from Ecuador HBW Basketball Club Chocoholic Sports Center Dog - Hannah

  6. Make sure you pay attention…there will be a quiz tomorrow! If you do well, you will win a prize!!! (There will be multiple winners.)

  7. Rule #1 Follow Directions Quickly! Don’t waste class time! Be quick about getting out your notebook, homework, and pen or doing something that I have asked you to do.

  8. Rule #2 Raise your hand to speak! We are here to learn! I do see your hand and will call on you – trust me. Don’t blurt out answers!

  9. Rule #3 Listen while others are talking. Listen to your teacher and other students while they are talking. You never know when you might miss something important!

  10. Rule #4 • Be on time for class! • Bring all materials and homework! • Complete all your work on time! • Use your class time wisely! • Don’t cheat – Do your own work! • No gum chewing, food or drinks in class. Make Smart Choices!

  11. Rules #5, 6 & 7 Always try your best and never give up! Be responsible for yourself! Treat others and their property with kindness and respect!

  12. Rule #8 I am happy when all of my students are learning and enjoying science class! I’m not happy when someone makes it difficult for other students to learn! My biggest pet peeve is when people interrupt me or talk when I’m talking. If I am happy, I promise that you will be happy! Keep your favorite teacher (moi) happy!

  13. Rule #1 – Follow directions quickly Rule #2 – Raise your hand to speak Rule #3 – Listen while others are talking Rule #4 – Make smart choices Rule #5 – Always try your best and never give up! Rule #6 – Be responsible for yourself. Rule #7 – Treat others and their property with kindness and respect. Rule #8 – Keep your favorite teacher happy!

  14. What supplies do I need? Highlighters (at least two different colors) 1 Subject Notebook (Qty. 2 – 1 for Sept. – Jan. and another for Feb. – June) Folder or Binder Supplies to have on hand at home (for projects): colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue, ruler, three hole punch Don’t worry about covering your text book – Keep it at Home!!! (If you think that you’ll wreck it at home, cover it. I can help you.)

  15. What’s this Edmodo thing? It looks kinda like Facebook... You will be using Edmodo for… Power Points Project Rubrics Quizzes Surveys Email Alerts Response Forums Videos Article Reviews Look-up your Homework Send a message to your teacher or classmates Turn-in Homework Lots of other things that you will soon find out! There’s even an app for your phone! You will learn how to sign-up for Edmodo and use it in the next few days!

  16. There are some interesting things in the room… =p Don’t go into the drawers or prep room without permission You may use the side sink (turn it on SLOWLY or you will lose privileges) at the beginning or end of class only. It has yummy smelling soap! Shower/eye wash – Pull it and get in biiiiig trouble! It calls the paramedics and fire department! Sinks at your table – Only use for labs when Ms. Heckel tells you to. Use the sink on the side for all other hand washing needs.

  17. I Can Borrow Which Supplies? Ms. Heckel has the following items around the room that you may borrow… Front of Room – Paper (lined/unlined), extra pens/pencils, tissues (these you may keep) Behind Board and in Cabinets – Crayons, Scissors, Glue, etc. Fume Hood – Pencil Sharpener By Sink – Staplers, Tape, 3 Hole Punch, Band-aids (Give me the container if you use the last Band-aid) Sink – You may use to wash hands before/after class

  18. Tests and Projects • Extra help – • Ms. Heckel - 8 am and after school – by appointment • Mr. Haerle (Room 102) –by appointment • Review Sessions – 8 am the day of a test • Tests, projects, etc. are posted on the board and on Edmodo • Tests announced at least 1 week before • Take review quiz online before test and email me results for bonus points on test • Even with bonus points, the highest grade you can get on a test is 100%. • Rubrics for projects, PowerPoints, etc. are posted on Edmodo

  19. Homework Ms. Heckel checks homework every time it is assigned! Worth 100 points that become 10% of your marking period grade Every time you miss an assignment, 5 points are deducted from your grade. Homework can help your grade or hurt your grade…wait and see! Where can I check tonight’s homework? I forgot to write it down. Edmodo! What if I miss a homework assignment…Can I earn points back?

  20. How are grades calculated? Ms. Heckel calculates grades using points. Homework - 10% of grade Tests - between 50-100 points each Quizzes - between 20-50 points each Investigations (labs, projects, activities, etc.) are 20-100 points each

  21. It’s what you’ve been waiting for…HB Bucks!!! You get $3 per marking period $1 for bathroom/locker/drinking fountain $1 for a pen/pencil if you don’t have one Late for class – you owe me $1, No $1? Detention Late assignment (1 day late) - $1 Late assignment (2 days – 1 week) - $2 Assignments are not accepted more than one week late! If no missing homework assignments, you may omit a homework assignment (at least 2 weeks into marking period) - $2 One Plinko drop at the end of the Marking Period - $3

  22. More HB Bucks Info… A maximum of three HB Bucks may be carried into the next quarter. You are responsible for your own HB Bucks. Lost/damaged HB Bucks will not be replaced. Additional HB Bucks can be awarded at the teacher’s discretion. HB Bucks are nontransferable. You MAY NOT give HB Bucks to a friend. What’s yours is yours. What’s theirs is theirs. HB Bucks will not be accepted without the student’s name on the front. If you find an HB Buck without someone’s name on it, it’s yours!

  23. I like these Bucks! What can I do to earn more? • An exceptional job on a lab/assignment/project. • 100% (not including extra credit) on a test. • Helping Ms. Heckel before/after school – $1/15 minutes. • Taking out Ms. Heckel’s recycling – $1 • Bring in tissues - $1/box (max 3 boxes/marking period) • $1 for every 20 Box Tops for Education • Going above and beyond to help a classmate or on an assignment. • Doing an exceptional job following directions – do now, lab, project, taking notes, etc. • Running an errand for Ms. Heckel. • Being prepared for class. • Completing ones’ homework on time. • However…if you ask for Bucks, you will NOT receive Bucks… • Wait and see! Ms. Heckel is always looking for reasons to hand out Bucks!

  24. Other Info… • Can I bring my iPod/mp3 player/phone to class? No! If you take pictures in school, you can get in huuuuge trouble! • Can I chew gum in class? No! 1 warning, then detentions that increase exponentially • What should I do when I get to class? Do the “Do Now” on the board • Where do I hand-in papers? Always in the front of the room. Please put papers in the same direction!!! • What if I’m late? You owe Ms. Heckel $1 HB Buck and if you’re out of HB Bucks, it’s detention

  25. And Still More Info… Should I write on the desk (even if Ms. Heckel isn’t looking or with my eraser?) No! When you are caught (and you will be), you will clean the entire room. Yeah, I have detention… It’s at 7:45 and you will be filling-out a detention think sheet. So I looove to shoot my paper at the garbage can! That’s ok, but if you miss, you have detention! So what if I cheat, plagiarize or copy from another student? 0%!!! (And reported to the office.)

  26. Tonight’s Homework…Read over your syllabus. (Quiz tomorrow!)Sign your syllabus.Have your mom or dad sign it too.Sign-up for Edmodo by Monday and receive $1 HB Buck. Due next Friday… Scientific Summer Assignment (Graded) Emailed paragraph from mom or dad for $1 HB Buck - optional