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life is precious - A true story about a man named Fredrick PowerPoint Presentation
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life is precious - A true story about a man named Fredrick

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life is precious - A true story about a man named Fredrick - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life is precious, but why do so many of us de-prioritize or not recognize the things that matter the most? In this video I\'ll share a true story about Fredrick; a man who was so caught up in his work and embodying the financial success of the American Dream that he failed to recognize what was most important. Fredrick often told his wife that he\'d retire in a few years and THEN he\'d have plenty of time to spend with his family. Unfortunately Fredrick never got the chance to retire. At 51 he was killed in a car accident. \n

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john marty

John Marty

I am passionate about technology, and its ability to solve problems. One of my biggest strengths is the development and communication of big ideas that drive at the heart of consumer pain points. The communication of these ideas requires delicately crafted, and data driven narratives that consider all stakeholders. My understanding of the intricacies of software development as well as my entrepreneurial, and educational background provide a strong foundation to articulate these ideas, gain buy-in, and drive initiatives forward.

I'm extremely hard working, intrinsically motivated, and enthusiastic, but operate with a deep sense of humility and gratitude. I carry this humility into every meeting and interaction by being truly present. I am observant and intrigued by the unique traits and contributions of team members, as well as, untapped talent, that can be extracted through encouragement with product teams.