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Why revolutionary concept?. It is a totally new concept in the dental market Planmeca Sovereign has robotic movements Unit, chair, cuspidor and bowl turn Patient chair with motorized features The movements are not limited mechanically, but controlled by information technology.

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Why revolutionary concept
Why revolutionary concept?

  • It is a totally new concept in the dental market

  • Planmeca Sovereign has robotic movements

    • Unit, chair, cuspidor and bowl turn

    • Patient chair with motorized features

    • The movements are not limited mechanically, but controlled by information technology

Why revolutionary concept1
Why revolutionary concept?

  • Graphic user interface and wireless foot control

    • 100% hands-free operation – to avoid cross contamination

    • The goal was easy usability, and yet functional

    • Features adapt to users and clinical needs

In the forefront of technology
In the forefront of technology

  • Integration of IT and networking

    • Ethernet and USB connectivity to external networks

    • Media-PC inside the unit

    • Romexis

  • Distributed control system with CAN messaging

  • Multi-microprocessor controlled

In the forefront of technology1
In the forefront of technology

  • PM quick-lock connector

  • Enables intelligent satellite elements

    • Graphic user interface – the same GUI fits to the left or right

    • Touch pad for PC control

    • Voice control accessories

  • Mechanical attachment

    • Trays

    • Suction holders

Unique concept
Unique concept

  • Symmetrical functions

  • Motorized conversion from right-handed to left-handed use

  • Natural consultation position

Adapts to user
Adapts to user

  • Cognitive ergonomics as a basic guideline for design of all user interfaces:

    • Graphical User Interface

    • Foot control

  • Iterative design process based on

    • usability testing by usability specialists and

    • usability comments by dentists

Adapts to user1
Adapts to user

  • Graphic user interface with personal settings (with USB or via the GUI itself)

    • For 64 dentists..

    • For universities: possible user restrictions

Adapts to user2


Info window

Foot control and touch

screen operated functions

Adapts to user

  • Special emphasis on usability

  • Advanced instrument settings for all kind of instruments

Adapts to user3
Adapts to user

  • Exceptionally sturdy foot control

  • Equipped with 3 multidirectional control knobs and dual functional lever

  • Provides 100% hands-free access to all GUI controls

  • Optional cordless foot control

Adapts to user4
Adapts to user

  • Dynamic instrument console

    • Up to six instruments – in which ever order

    • New instrument quick connector with USB connection

    • Instrument console can adapt special instruments

    • Space for extra modules for existing and new special instruments

Adapts to user5
Adapts to user

  • New instrument multiplexer with highly precise speed and torque control

  • Adjustable balance of the instrument arms

    • For each instrument according to the weight of the instrument or own wishes

Adapts to user6
Adapts to user

  • Static postures are not ergonomic

  • Changing the posture during the day improves ergonomics

  • Unit adapts to different postures keeping the workplace optimal

Adapts to user7
Adapts to user

  • Good working position

    • Thin backrest allows sufficient legroom

    • Deep cutout at the top enables good visibility into the oral cavity

    • Lowest vs highest positions

      • Low position - > prosthetics, pregnant women, elderly people

      • High position –> easy extractions

Adapts to user8
Adapts to user

  • The headrest (not the dentist) adapts to each patient’s length and neck morphology allowing ergonomic working posture

Adapts to user9
Adapts to user

  • Symmetrical dental unit

  • Motorized cuspidor turn

  • Equal working comfort for left-handed and right-handed users

Meets clinical requirements
Meets clinical requirements

  • GUI can be adapted to specific operation modes

    • General practice

    • Endodontics

    • Parodontology

    • Surgery

    • Prosthetics

Meets clinical requirements1
Meets clinical requirements

  • Assistant element swivels through approximately 230 ° optimizing the working area for the specific operation to be performed

Meets clinical requirements2
Meets clinical requirements

  • Assistant element with 3 positions

    • Connection for syringe or curing light

  • Assistant element with 5 positions

    • Connection for 2 – 3 instruments incl. rotating instruments

Meets clinical requirements3
Meets clinical requirements

  • Modular Pylon concept

    • 2 function (540 mm) /

      5 function pylon (1113 mm)

    • Easy installation

    • PYLON support column gives the dentist the possibility to add extra brackets when needed

    • Easy service, cable replacements

Meets clinical requirements4
Meets clinical requirements

  • The delivery arm has exceptional load balancing capacity

    • Instruments

    • GUI

    • Trays

    • Monitors

    • Gas burner

  • More than 10 kg adjustment range

Meets clinical requirements5
Meets clinical requirements

  • 3 different instrument water supply options:

    • Clean water

    • Sterile water

    • Special fluid supply

  • Independent supply for each instrument

  • Changing the supply depending on the operation mode

Meets clinical requirements6
Meets clinical requirements

  • The Planmeca LED operating light provides optimized illumination with four large, powerful LEDs

  • They allow viewing all the areas of the oral cavity with extreme accuracy

  • LEDs also ensure constant power and colour temperature and, with a lifespan of over 50 000 hours, are virtually maintenance-free

Meets clinical requirements7
Meets clinical requirements

  • The infrared sensors of the Planmeca LED enable the on/off switch and the light intensity change simply by waving the hand in front of them

  • Waving the hand shortly in front of these sensors switches the operating light on or off

  • To adjust light intensity, the hand is to be kept longer in front of the sensors

    • The light intensity adjustment ranges from 50 % to 100 %

Adapts to patient
Adapts to patient

  • Nowadays dental treatment sessions take increasingly longer. That is why on Planmeca Soverign, we have paid careful attention to the design and movements of the various patient supports

  • Adjustable length of the backrest adapts to every patient

Adapts to patient1
Adapts to patient

  • Seat inclination allows the seat to be lowered or raised in conformity with the backrest movement

  • Synchronised backrest and legrest movements

  • Ultra upholstery provides extra comfort

Adapts to patient2
Adapts to patient

  • Bowl

    • The motorised cuspidor bowl movement brings the bowl very close to the patient, letting them rinse their mouth more hygienically

    • Intelligent glass fill system

    • Removable glass bowl and cup holder

Adapts to treatment environment
Adapts to treatment environment

  • Unit and chair swivel (270 degrees) allows free positioning of the patient’s head with respect to cabinetry

  • 2- or 4 –handed dentistry

  • Free entry / exit position

  • Free space for prosthetics

  • More space for the assistant

  • For special operations such as oral surgery with a mobile cabinet

Adapts to treatment environment1
Adapts to treatment environment

  • Installation possibilities

Meets the strictest hygiene requirements
Meets the strictest hygiene requirements

  • Comprehensive Water Management System

    • Isolation from city water

    • Waterline Cleaning System

    • Clean water system

  • Smart flushing cycles

  • Reminders

Meets the strictest hygiene requirements1
Meets the strictest hygiene requirements

  • Sophisticated assistant element

    • Suction cleaning

    • Suction agent dosage

    • Assistant instrument flushing

Meets the strictest hygiene requirements2
Meets the strictest hygiene requirements

  • Smooth surfaces

  • Removable glass bowl and cup holder