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Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks. PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks.

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Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks.

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Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks.

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  1. Unit 8 I’ll help clean up the city parks. Section B Period 1 ( 1a — 2c)

  2. I’ve run out of it.

  3. The girl takes after her mother.

  4. We have our TV fixed up.       

  5. I gave away some of my clothes.

  6. New Words take after fix v. fix up repair v. similar adj. 与……相像 修理 修理;修补 修理;修补 相似的;相仿的

  7. 预习检测 匹配 (Ⅰ) (Ⅱ) 1. run out of A. be similar to 2. take after B. not have any more 3. fix up C. not sell 4. give away D. repair

  8. 1a Match the sentences with similar meanings. • I’ve run out of it. • I take after my mother. • I fixed it up. • I gave it away. b c a d • I repaired it. • I don’t have any more of it. • I am similar to her. • I didn’t sell it, but gave it as a present.

  9. 1b Make sentences with the phrases in the box using your ideas. run out of take after fixed up give away

  10. run out of take after fixed up give away • Iran out ofwater in the pot. • 2. Shetakes afterher sister. • 3. I had my computerfixed up. • 4. Shegaveher watchawayto me.

  11. Listen and number the pictures in the correct order. 2a 4 2 1 3

  12. Listen again and circle T (for true) or F (for false). 2b • l • Jimmy fixes up bicycles. T F • Jimmy sells bikes. T F • Jimmy takes after his mother. T F • Jimmy has run out of money. T F

  13. A: What do you do, Jimmy? B: I fix up bikes and give them away. 2c PAIRWORK Practice the conversation between Jimmy and the reporter. Use the information from 2a and 2b.

  14. Explanation run out of = use up “用完、耗尽 ”,句子的 主语主语只能是人。注意不能用于被动语态。 He ran out of gas a mile from home. 他在离家还有一英里的地方把汽油用完了。 We are running out of the gas. 我们的汽油快用完了。

  15. 链接: run out是动副型短语动词,相当于不及物动词,表示“被用完了”的被动含义,其主语通常是时间、金钱、食物等无生命名词。 His money soon ran out.  他的钱很快就花完了。Food supplies had run out towards the  end  of the trip.  在旅行快结束时,食物已经吃完了。

  16. 用run out或者run out of填空。 1. He ____________ the water yesterday. 2. The water _________ yesterday. 3. — Peter, I think we need to buy a new car. — Oh, no! We are _____________ money, you know? ran out of ran out running out of

  17. Our food _______. Could you go to the supermarket and get some bread and milk? A. have run out of B. have run out C. has run out of D. has run out

  18. 【点拨】选D。food“食物”,是不可数名词,作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式,排除A、B两项;run out “被用完;用尽”,物作主语。

  19. fix up 1. 修理 Can you fix up my radio? 你能把我的收音机修好吗? 2. 安排, 确定 We have fixed up a trip. 我们已安排一次旅行。 We were fixed up for the night in a hotel. 我们被安顿在招待所过夜。

  20. fix/repair/mend fix, repair与mend都有“修理;修补”之意,有时可以通用,但也有区别。 (1)fix与repair都表示使受到一定损坏或失灵的东西恢复其性能或机能,其对象范围很广,从道路、机器到日常用品等。 (2)mend常表示修补破损的东西,使其恢复原样,一般指较小的物品。如: mend the shoes/the windows 等。

  21. My computer doesn’t work. Could you please help me ____? A. fix up it B. fix it up C. fix them up D. look it up 【点拨】选B。句意:我的电脑坏了,你能帮我修理吗?fix up“修理;修补”;look up“(在字典、参考书中)查找”;排除D项;fix up是由“动词+副词”构成的短语动词,代词作宾语时应置于短语中间,指代前面的单数名词computer应用代词it, 故选B。

  22. give away 赠送; 赠予; 颁发;分发 She decided to give these old clothes away. 她决定把这些旧衣服送给别人。 泄露; 告发 Don’t give away the secret. 这项机密不可泄露。

  23. take after (由于血缘关系而在外貌、性格等方面)相似 She took after her mother almost in everything. 她几乎与她母亲一模一样。 Margaret takes after her father in being strong-willed. 玛格丽特意志坚强, 像她父亲。

  24. look like 看起来像 The baby looks like a doll. 这个婴儿看起来像个洋娃娃。 Doesn't she look like her mother? 她长得是不是很像她母亲?

  25. 经典例析 Mary _______ her mother. They both have big eyes. A. looks after B. looks like C. looks up D. looks at

  26. 【点拨】选B。句意:玛丽看起来像她妈妈,她们都长着大大的眼睛。look after“照顾;照看”;look like“看起来像……”;look up“查找;查询”;look at“看……”。故选B。

  27. 练一练 Ⅰ. 选择适当的短语并用其正确形式填空 1. She _______ her mother. They are both kind. 2. He can’t buy the CD because he has _______ the money. 答案:1. takes after 2. run out of run out of, fix up, come up with, give away, take after

  28. 3. I’ll ask someone _______ my bike this afternoon. 4. The man _______ lots of school things to the students in the poor area every year. 5. He needs to _______ some ways of getting money to buy old bikes. 答案:3. to fix up 4. gives away 5. come up with

  29. 根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。1. My TV doesn’t work. Could you help me f______ it?2. He doesn’t have enough money to r______ the old house. ix epair

  30. 用适当的词或短语完成下列句子,使两个句子的意思相同或相近。1. Mary looks sad. Let’s make her feel happy.     Mary looks sad. Let’s ______ her ______. 2. You should let someone repair the TV set.     You should _____ the TV set ________. up cheer repaired have

  31. 3. This store sells men’s shoes, and it also sells men’s clothes.     This store sells ______ ______ men’s shoes, ______ ______ men’s clothes.4. Do Wang Hong and her mother look the same, Lucy?     Does Wang Hong ______ ______ her mother, Lucy? not only but also take after

  32. Homework 1.New words---P60--63. 2. 口头背诵3a.(签字本上). 3. 听读SectionB-2a2b. 4.《练习册》P56-57.