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Japanese in World War II PowerPoint Presentation
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Japanese in World War II

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Japanese in World War II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Japanese in World War II

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  1. Japanese in World War II

  2. PEARL HARBOR • December 7th 1941 was a bad day for the U.S. This killed or wounded 3000 Americans and almost 200 planes destroyed as you might guess we had our own means of fighting back, and they where very effective.

  3. American pride • Bet you didn’t think even Dr. Seuss was racist too. Americans got mad, they didn’t need a draft, just about every able bodied man fought, and in general we beat them down. • Right after December 7th 1941 an admiral said “I think we have just woken a sleeping giant”. I guess that guy wasn’t too far away from the truth.

  4. Invasion of Burma • The occupation lasted from 1942 to 1945 • The Japanese did this for several reasons; Burma was a very easy country to take over, they had a vital supply of rubber which is key to military success and finally, some Burmese where desperate for protection one way or another.

  5. WEAPONS • It is a well known fact that the Japanese had the worst weapons of the war. Keep in mind we stopped shipping scrap metal to them so they where set back. Arisaka rifles like the one right here where a bolt rifle while we where using Tommy guns, they didn’t have a chance. • A sword like this is an imperial officer’s and is far from the quality ones made back in the era of the samurai.

  6. INTO THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH • Kamikaze is where a pilot loads his plane with explosives and then commits suicide by crashing them into ships out at sea. One general said to his men “you’re all expendable, honor your family and your nation”. They ate the last meal and into the valley of the shadow of death rode the 600 or in this case about 150.

  7. POW • Prisoners of war would be beaten and given rations barely big enough to get by, sometimes not even that. • Some who tried to escape would be ezecuted or just to prove a point to the rest of the prisoners

  8. Downfall • After the 2 atomic bombs, the Japanese realized the war was in vain. They finally surrendered on the USS Missouri and the war was over, we had won finally.

  9. BIBLIOGRAPHY • • •!5407769/world-war-2-japanese-super+submarine-found-in-hawaii •