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Class Field Trip

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Class Field Trip - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Students name:. Parents Signature:. Class Field Trip . Please describe any allergies your child may have below:. For more information email

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Students name:

Parents Signature:

Class Field Trip

Please describe any allergies your child may have below:

For more information email

Jill C. at thelittlefarmer@rocketmail.comor call her at 920.921.4784. Jill C. will send a confirmation packet containing any further information you may need.

October 20, 2011

Come along with us for a fun filled adventure to The Little Farmer.

We are looking for a few parents to help chaperone this event. Please check either yes, you will be able to attend or no, you will not be able to attend.

Yes I can

I will not be able to attend


About the little farmer

What we will be doing

What to wear and Cost

Prior to the new house being built, the home was nestled between the barns and later was used as the chicken coop until 2003. All during this time, the Beyers’ farm was traditional with dairy cows and crops.

Some apple trees were planted in 1890, just north of the current house where the parking lot is now. In 1925, 15 acres surrounding the house and barns were planted and in 1946, 10 acres across the road.

One of Charles’ sons, Emil and his wife Evelyn, took over the farm in 1946. By this time, apples were the main crop. Their daughter, Linda Struye, continued the family tradition when taking over the family orchard tradition in 1972. She continues today to provide her customers with the experience of her childhood days on a rural farm.

The current house has undergone an outside restoration in the past 10 years transforming it back to it's original Victorian-era look it had in 1890. You can view some original photos from that era in The Apple House and Craft Barn.

1)The Bee House contains an observation bee hive that houses around 2000 bees. Your guide will discuss the importance of bees and their mission to collect pollen and nectar to make honey.

2) The Barn Classroom is furnished with hay bales to sit on while your guide educates the students about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and how seeds grow and the important roles that sunshine, water and air play in the growing of all plants (photosynthesis).

3)Tours are led into The Apple House where they will get the experience of going into our large Apple Cooler as well as view apples being washed, sorted and bagged in the grading room.

4)Board a 40-person hayride wagon that will take you through one of the orchards and fields and then the peaceful woods.

5)In the orchard, your guide will show you how to pick an apple "the Little Farmer way". The children may eat it or take it home along with a coloring/activity book and apple cider.

What they need to wear: dress warmly, I encourage kids that they can always take clothes off but they can’t put clothes on that they don’t have.

Shoes or boots might get muddy, so keep that in mind as well.

Cost: $4