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  2. PLEASE BRING… You may wear a hat once we are at the park! You may not wear it on campus. Sack lunch that doesn’t need to stay cold. You will need a drawstring backpack to carry your lunch, packet and pencil. WATER! WATER! WATER! Bring water in addition to your lunch drink!

  3. PLEASE DO NOT BRING…. If it is not on the approved list, don’t bring it. Sports equipment will be brought for you by the teachers. Do not bring your own. Electronics of any kind will not be allowed. They will be left in your locker for the day. *If your parent is a chaperone, you may not use their electronics either.

  4. PLEASE WEAR… A RCMS shirt of any kind would be great. If you do not have an RCMS shirt, please wear black, maroon or grey. Dress code approved shorts and pants. Shorts cannot be shorter than 4” above the knee. *Skirts/dresses would not be activity friendly. Close toed shoes will be important because we will be all over the park on different surfaces

  5. CHAMPS EXPECTATIONS • Please respect all adults present on the Field Trip. If they ask you to do something, please do it. • Please respect your peers, their space and their belongings. • You must wear your ID all day long. • You should be able to see your leader at all times (teacher/parent chaperone) • You must ask permission to do anything outside of the current activity you are at • Be watching for “5 up” so that you know of all the important things going on while we are off campus • Have fun! • Not following expectations will result in a Cowboy Consequence (one week of teacher detention).