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Anne Frank. By Allie Fallis 1912-1942. Early Years.

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anne frank

Anne Frank

By Allie Fallis


early years
Early Years

Anne Frank was born June 12th, 1912 in Frankfurt, Germany. She loved playing in front of her house with all of her friends afterschool. She would often ignore her mother, and as soon as she told Anne to go and do her schoolwork, Anne would go outside. Anne’s best friends are Hanneli Goslar, and Sanne Ledermann . Some Significant events in her childhood

are, when Adolf Hitler became the

chancellor of Germany, when she was

taken out of her Montessori School and put

into a Jewish Secondary School, when World War II started, when her Father, and Mother,

told her and her sister, that they were

moving into the secret annex, and when

they where found by the Nazis.


Sadly, Anne Frank died at a young age (15) in the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.


Anne Frank is very famous because she and her family were Jewish during the time of World War II, when the Nazis took over Germeny and were sending all they Jew’s to Concentration Camps. When the Nazis took over Germany, she wrote in her diary a child’s perspective of hiding in a Secret Annex for 2 years until she was caught and sent to a Concentration Camp. When her father was released , MiepGies gave Otto Anne’s diary and he

had it published.

admirable qualities
Admirable Qualities
  • Funny. When she talked in class and her teacher told her to be quiet she said back to her teacher “I can’t help it. My mom is just like me. I get my Talkativness from her.”
  • Brave. She was very brave when she got taken away by the Nazis.
  • Playful. She loved playing out in front of her apartment with her friends.
  • Determined. Anne Frank was 100% determined that she would never be caught by the Nazis. But when she was, She was 100% determined that she would be one of the few Jewish people to get out of the Concentration Camps alive.
  • Patient. When she was in the secret annex, she never complained about having to be super quiet when the people were downstairs and she didn’t squirm and ask every 10 minutes “Can I move now?”

One person that influenced Anne was her Father, Otto Frank. While being in the Secret Annex she wrote in her diary “ I have drifted apart from my mother (Edith Frank) and Margot, (sister) But I have grown closer than ever to my father.”

  • Did you always feel in danger or did you feel safe sometimes?
  • Did you think you were going to die in the Concentration Camp or did you think you were going to live?
  • Did you have anyone you were close to in Concentration camp besides your sister?
  • Poole, Josephine, Anne Frank
  • Westra, Hans, Inside Anne Franks House
  • Metselaar, Menno, Anne Frank: Her Life in words and pictures
  • Frank, Anne, The Diary of Anne Frank
interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • The “diary” Anne got for her birthday was actually an autograph book.
  • Anne Frank and her family were found by the Nazis because one of their non-Jewish friends betrayed them. They left a fake address and their friends got suspicious because the windows that where in the secret annex were suddenly covered by black sheets of paper so they told the Nazis. No one knows who that person is.
  • Anne’s real name is Annelies Marie Frank.
  • Anne Frank had filled her diary by the December 5th, 1942 entry so she kept writing in other notebooks and on single pieces of paper.
  • Anne rewrote her whole diary after hearing on the radio that after the war ended Jewish people that had been keeping a diary while in hiding would get her diary published. Sadly, Anne Frank didn’t live so her father published it.
  • Anne Frank called her diary Kitty because she was writing to her new friend, Kitty.
  • Anne a cat named Moortje. In her diary she said “Moortje was my best friend, until we left her in our house alone to go and hide in the annex.”