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Anne Frank

Anne Frank. By ILoveReading10. A photo of Anne Frank. About Anne Frank. Anne Frank was originally a German Jewish girl.

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Anne Frank

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  1. Anne Frank By ILoveReading10

  2. A photo of Anne Frank

  3. About Anne Frank • Anne Frank was originally a German Jewish girl. • Anne Frank enjoyed playing with her toys. She would also ride her bike and go to the seaside. Sadly she did not know this was all going to change just shortly because of Hitler’s decision.

  4. More about Anne Frank • Hitler had wanted to create a “perfect Germany” as he saw it and he thought by making all Jews go to a concentration camp he was going to achieve this. Anne Frank was a Jew and so was her family so that meant her family would apply to these rules.

  5. About Anne Frank • Anne Frank was born on the 12th of June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. • Her Father was called Otto and her mother was called Edith. • She had an older sister called Margot. • Go to next slide for more.

  6. Continued from last slid • Anne’s family were “liberal Jews” that means they did not live in a Jewish only community and they did not follow all Jewish customs.

  7. Continued • After the elections in 1933 which were won by the Nazi party (led by Adolf Hitler) the Franks moved to Amsterdam to escape the Anti-Jew (or in posh antisemitic) feelings that were being promoted by the National Socalists German Worker’s Party (or Nazi’s for short).

  8. More Facts about Anne Frank • When the Franks moved to Amsterdam Anne developed a love for reading and writing. • In May 1940, The Netherlands got invaded by Germany. Laws were made to discriminate Jews. This meant that Anne and her sister had to move to a Jewish only school because of • Go to next slide for more information…

  9. Continued… • These laws. Anne’s father, Otto, had to transfer his shares in the companies he owned to  Johannes Kleiman (a non-Jewish Dutch citizen), to avoid having his businesses confiscated.

  10. Continued … • Anne Frank celebrated her 13th birthday on the 12th of June 1942. She got a red and white autograph book.

  11. Continued from the next slide… • Anne decided to use the red and white auto graph book as a diary which she began to write in straight away. • Many of the early entries were focused on the things that happened every day but she does discuss how Germany taking (or the occupation) over the Netherlands has an impact on her life.

  12. More about Anne Frank • If you have read the Diary of Anne Frank then you should know that Anne wanted to be an actress when she was a bit older.

  13. Continued… • Anne could not enter movie Theaters (or cinemas) to see films (or movies) because Jews were not allowed to enter Cinemas.

  14. More about Anne Frank’s Life • In July 1942 Anne’s sister Margot got ordered to go to an a labour camp (or a concentration camp) Anne’s father Otto how ever was not prepared to allow this to happen so he had an idea to hide his family in Amsterdam. So on the 6th of July the Franks went into hiding. They hid in some rooms attached to one of his companies on a street called Prinsengracht.

  15. Anne Frank • Otto was relying on his employees to help him and his family to survive. • Anne had to leave her cat called Moortje behind.

  16. More about Anne Frank’s Life • 4 of Otto’s employees Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman, Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl – along with Jan Gies and Johannes Hendrik Voskuijl, were the only ones who actually knew where the Frank’s hiding place was. They also knew they were hiding in rooms.

  17. Anne Frank’s Life • Otto’s employees became the Frank’s helpers and the only link to the outside world. • People were told that the Frank’s had fled to Switzerland. • On the 13th of July another family called the Van Pels came and lived with the Franks in the secret Anex.

  18. Anne Frank’s Life • On the 4th of August 1944-1945 the Franks hiding place was discovered sadly by the German Police but no-one knows how the German Police got hold of the information.

  19. What happened to the Franks • The Franks and the Van Pels were interrogated then they were transported to the Westbrook Transit Camp. • Victor Kugler and Johnnes Kleiman (two of the people who helped the Frank’s) were arrested in link to helping The Frank’s hiding place.

  20. Continued… • Kleiman was eventually released from prison (or jail). • Miep Gies was question but luckily never got jailed. • Miep Gies went to The Frank’s hiding place and gathered Anne’s paper’s and Diary. She did intend to give them back to Anne after the War.

  21. Continued • On the 3rd of September 1944 the Frank’s were a part of the last group to be transported from Westbrook to a concentration camp at Auschwitz.

  22. More about what happened to Anne at the Concentration Camp • When the Transport had arrived Otto had to be separated from the female members of the Frank family. • Anne,Edith(her mother) and Margot (her sister) were used as slave labour (or hard labour) to haul rocks and dig rolls of turf

  23. What happened to Anne, her Mum and her sister. • Anne, Edith(her mother) and Margot (her sister) were used as slave labour (or hard labour) to haul rocks and dig rolls of turf. Anne and her family had to have their heads shaved and a tattoo of their identity number. • Anne, her Mum (Edith) and Her sister (Margot) became very ill and the got transported to the infirmary.

  24. Continued… • Anne and Margot (Anne’s sister) got transferred to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. • Sadly Edith (Anne’s mother) was forced to stay behind and died of starvation. • In March many of the prisoners in Bergen-Belson contracted typhus.

  25. What happened to Anne and Margot?? • Both Anne Frank and Margot Frank died and were buried in an unmarked grave.

  26. What Happened to Anne’s Mother? • Anne’s Mother Edith died of starvation after being forced to stay behind when her daughters Margot and Anne got moved to Bergen-Belson.

  27. What happened to Anne’s Father Otto Frank? • Otto Frank was the only person who survived his imprisonment. After getting out of Auschwitz. He returned to Amsterdam and soon after he realised Anne, Margot and Edith had died. He died August 19th 1980. He was 91.He died of lung cancer.

  28. What happened to Anne’s Diary • Miep Gies gave Otto Frank Anne Frank’s Diary (which she found) and then he got it published. • Anne’s Diary was published in the Netherlands in 1947. Then it was published in Germany and France in 1950.

  29. What else happened to Anne Frank’s Diary? • The Diary was also published in the US and the UK its title was Anne Frank: The Diary of a young girl. • Anne Frank’s Diary is still published and read all over the world.

  30. What Anne Frank called her Diary? • Anne Frank called her Diary Kitty.

  31. Kitty

  32. Why did Anne Frank call her diary Kitty? • Anne Frank called her diary Kitty because she thought her diary should be like her friend because she was not aloud to go outside. • Anne Frank always started her diary entries like dear Kitty or 'lieve Kitty' which means Dear Kitty in Dutch.

  33. By the end of World War 2 over 6 million Jews were killed but sadly Edith, Anne and Margot were a part of these 6 million Jews but Otto survived through his imprisonment. • The reason Hitler killed all these Jews was because they were different in his eyes.

  34. What Anne Frank written in her Diary • Anne Frank wrote in her diary “All the Jews were required to wear a yellow star. We were not allowed to ride trams and all of our bikes had to be turned in. Jews were not aloud in sport centres and Jews were not allowed to watch any kind of entertainment” (TV).

  35. Facts about Anne Franks Diary, Kitty • Anne Frank’s Diary was so important to the people of today because it shows an out look of life for Jews during World War 2 and what it was like to grow up being a Jewish child who had to go to a concentation camp. • Go to next slide for more.

  36. Continued • The Diary also show what it was like to hide in a few rooms and not be aloud outside. To only be around a few people in your family for a few years. • The Diary kept Anne sane (which means it stopped her going nuts).

  37. Did you know? • Did you know there was a A book called the Hidden Life of Otto Frank? The book was made by Carol Ann Lee.

  38. Thank you • Thanks for watching this slide show if you want to find out more facts (because there are more) go on Google and research Anne Frank.

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