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Anne Frank

Anne Frank. The Diary of a Young Girl. One book that changed the world. Hitler demanded more land for his new Reich. He had promised his Nazi followers a new empire. World War II Begins. Translation: One People, one Reich, one Leader !

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Anne Frank

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  1. Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl One book that changed the world.

  2. Hitler demanded more land for his new Reich. He had promised his Nazi followers a new empire. World War II Begins

  3. Translation: One People, one Reich, one Leader! Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, tried to instill the idea that Germany was destined to become a large, great empire. World War II Begins

  4. Germany took control of Austria. World War II Begins

  5. World War II Begins Germany invaded Czechoslovakia.

  6. World War II Begins European leaders drew the line at Poland. They told Hitler not to invade any more countries.

  7. World War II Begins Hitler ignored them.

  8. World War II Begins In September1939, Hitler order the invasion of Poland. WWII had begun.

  9. Europe, 1940 April to June 1940 Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Northern France conquered

  10. Blitzkrieg- lightning war Europe, 1940

  11. Holland was neutral, but that didn’t matter. Europe, 1940

  12. May 9, 1940 Germany invaded Holland. Holland surrendered 5 dayslater. Europe, 1940

  13. Holland, 1940 Restrictions are placed on Jews, just like they were in Germany.

  14. Holland, 1940 Otto Frank, forward-thinking, preemptively signed control of his company over to Johannes Kleimanand Victor Kugler, loyal business partners who did not face the same discrimination.

  15. SS General ReinhardHeydrich was tasked with developing and implementing the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question.“ Berlin, Germany, January 1942 He called a meeting to inform other Nazi officials about the plan to solve the “Jewish problem.”

  16. Final solution= extermination Death marches Concentration camps Mass executions Berlin, Germany, January 1942

  17. Holland, 1942 Then, Jews begin to be “deported.”

  18. Deported = Loaded onto a cattle car and sent to a concentration camp Holland, 1942

  19. “Today I have nothing but dismal and depressing news to report. Our many Jewish friends and acquaintances are being taken away in droves… transporting them in cattle cars to Westerbork, the big camp in Drenthe to which they're sending all the Jews. Miep told us about someone who'd managed to escape from there. It must be terrible in Westerbork.” Anne Frank Holland, 1942

  20. July 5, 1942 Margot receives notice she must be ”deported” to a work camp.

  21. July 5, 1942 Otto Frank decides his family must hide.

  22. The Secret Annex Otto Frank had been working on plans for hiding or leaving the country for months. There was already a space prepared in the attic of Otto’s company’s warehouse. A bookcase had been built over the door to conceal it from the employees at the company.

  23. The Secret Annex, 1942 The Van Pelsand Fritz Pfefferjoin them. Mr. Pfeffer was a dentist and Mr. van Pels was a businessman who knew Mr. Frank.

  24. BepVoskuijl Helpers Johannes Kleiman Victor Kugler Trustworthy friends and employees keep their secret and help them survive. MiepGies

  25. “The nicest part is being able to write down all my thoughts and feelings, otherwise I'd absolutely suffocate.” The Secret Annex, 1942-44 Life continues in hiding. Anne writes it all down. She plans on being a writeror journalist.

  26. Van Pels = Van Daan Mr. Pfeffer = Mr. Dussel The Secret Annex, 1942-44 Not long after beginning her diary, Anne decides to have it published after the war. She gives the people in hiding pseudonyms.

  27. “It was around ten-thirty. I was upstairs with the Van Pelses in Peter’s room and I was helping him with his schoolwork. I was showing him the mistake in the dictation when suddenly someone came running up the stairs. The stairs were squeaking, I stood up, because it was still early in the morning and everyone was supposed to be quiet - then the door opened and a man was standing right in front of us with a gun in his hand and it was pointed at us.” Otto Frank Capture: Aug 4, 1944

  28. Capture: Aug 4, 1944 The families were sent to Westerbork, then to several different camps.

  29. After the war, 1945 Only Otto Frank survives.

  30. “Again and again small groups of survivors returned from different concentration camps and I tried to hear something from them about Margot and Anne. I found two sisters who had been with Margot and Anne in Bergen-Belsen. They told me about the final sufferings and the death of my children.” Otto Frank After the war, 1945

  31. After the war, 1945 Mr. Kleiman and Mr. Kugler had both been arrested when the families in hiding were found. Kleiman was released and Kugler escaped custody. Neither secretaries were caught. They reunited in Amsterdam after the war.

  32. Anne’s diary MiepGiessaved Anne’s diary, hoping to return it to her once the war was over.

  33. Anne’s diary In the diary, Anne writes often about publishing her book and becoming a famous author.

  34. 1947 Otto Frank fulfills his daughter’s wish and publishes her diary.

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