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Kevin Marron Learning & Development Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Kevin Marron Learning & Development Manager

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Kevin Marron Learning & Development Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Practice in Equality and Diversity Training. Heinz Equality and Diversity. Kevin Marron Learning & Development Manager. Overview of Content. Underpinning Principles Resources and Sources Reacting to change and developments Working with LCC Questions. Underpinning Principles.

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Kevin Marron Learning & Development Manager

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    1. Best Practice in Equality and Diversity Training Heinz Equality and Diversity Kevin MarronLearning & Development Manager

    2. Overview of Content • Underpinning Principles • Resources and Sources • Reacting to change and developments • Working with LCC • Questions

    3. Underpinning Principles • Raising awareness (unconscious incompetence) • Providing evidence (headlines and facts to make it real) • Challenging stereotypes and assumptions (but respecting that others have their own point of view) • Examining legislative contexts and backgrounds (The imperatives) e.g • Existing, new and evolving legislation • Equality standard • Avoiding mistakes and/or litigation • Accepting that equality and diversity is far more complex than it seems • Setting the Standards, challenging complacency & Making change happen

    4. Making it… • Interesting, where people learn new things • Meaningful for your audience (the pitch) • Factual and surprising (and not patronising) • Aligned with the wider context for the UK and the organisations culture and policies • Win hearts and minds • Encourage people to explore their own values and beliefs Which may ultimately • Influence behaviours and attitudes

    5. Roots(The heart and mind of the matter)

    6. Roots Political persuasion Education Intellect Upbringing Beliefs Location Sexual orientation Faith or religion Age/Experience Personal values Ethnocentricity

    7. What the training is not realistically designed to achieve………

    8. Churning out perfectly balanced, diversity friendly people…..

    9. Not about……… • Instant changes in personality • Unravelling personal perceptions • Turning people into a predetermined model • Dismissing deeply held personal views • Political correctness • Vilifying individuals

    10. It is however about…. • Encouraging you to confront your own prejudices, assumptions and personal reactions • Exploring how we all benefit by valuing diversity and treating people equally (common sense approaches) • Highlighting what your authority is trying to achieve (and why) and gaining your commitment • Pointing out your personal responsibilities and the part you have to play • Demonstrating what can happen if we don’t get it right • Allowing for discussion, questioning and debate

    11. Raising awareness(unconscious incompetence) • Shift understandings and perceptions • Share the wider contexts and fundamentals of Equality and Diversity • Points of interest and fascination • Introduce some reasons for why we are all different and demonstrate why this is important • Introduce a global, local and individual focus

    12. Encouraging Blue Sky Thinking

    13. Testing popular belief and assumptions The user friendly Quiz…………..

    14. Providing evidence headlines and facts to make it realisticrelevantremembered

    15. Disability discrimination case, man wins £6800 The Big Gay Catholic Adoption Agency Debate I was fired…for being too young RACIST GANG ATTACK MAN A Spanish man was racially abused and assaulted as he walked home from a night out in Lincoln. I'm not racist, says TV's Goody I apologise to anyone I offended Xmas party comments cost Lincoln man his company Challenging headlines

    16. CANDIDATES ARE TO BE ANNOUNCED 09:45 - 23 October 2007 Candidates were due to be announced today to contest the seat of county councillor Edward Bliss, who died last month.Seven candidates so far have announced they will stand for the Heighington and Washingborough seat, and the final list will be published today.Candidates who have declared include Michael Clayton, who stood unsuccessfully for the BNP in the last local elections, and Tory North Kesteven district councillor Ron Oxby.

    17. Local Authority Equality standards 5 Levels Achieving and reviewing outcomes Commitment to a Comprehensive Equality Policy Assessment and Consultation Information systems and monitoring against targets Setting equality objectives and targets

    18. Specifically for LCC • Local policies and procedures • Progress vis a vis the equality standard • Diversity training strategy incorporating the learning and development plan • Core (mandatory) element of the councils competency framework • Integral part of the fabric of the councils activities • Risk register for non compliance

    19. Back pocket stuff • Allthorpe’s theory of antilocution • The 7 challenges of diversity • Local and wider research • An ability to avoid the red herrings • A readiness to challenge positively

    20. Resources and Sources • CIPD, EHRC, ACAS, DTi, I&DeA • Legislation and policies, guidance and support • The experiences of the group • The culture and aspirations of the organisation • Case studies and tribunals • Learning resource organisations and current research

    21. Striking the Balance • Common sense • Difference and needs • Legislation • Guidance • Support • Understanding and Education………….. • Leading to change !!

    22. Reacting to change and developments

    23. Shift Happens The ever changing and evolving world of equality and diversity No matter how qualified or experienced you think you are… tomorrow hasn’t happened yet ! e.g UK age demographic

    24. Summary • Underpinning Principles • Resources and Sources • Reacting to change and developments • Working with LCC

    25. Questions