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Gender Dysphoria PowerPoint Presentation
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Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria

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Gender Dysphoria

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  1. GenderDysphoria

  2. Unhappiness with ones biological sex and a desire for the body and role of the opposite sex

  3. For most of us in this room, our birth sex is accepted within reason because how we feel does indeed match our birth gender

  4. Imagine being born and growing up with the same exact personality you have now, but being born as the opposite sex

  5. Would you want to fix it given the opportunity?

  6. For people with Gender Dysphoria, sometimes the only way to ease anxiety is to get a Surgical Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

  7. 4 year process at minimum

  8. Process includes: Doctor visits Therapy Hormone Replacement Therapy Name changes And in MtF cases; Hair removal

  9. The standards for transition in the United states follows: The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association's Standards Of Care For Gender Identity Disorders

  10. Looks at damaging effects And Whether or not you’re truly right for transition

  11. Then comes the hardest part.. Finding a doctor to perform your surgery. Many choose to leave the country to do so.

  12. Why would someone decide to take such drastic measures just to feel comfortable in their own skin?

  13. Why would someone change their entire life for the ability to be who they truly are?

  14. Why won’t these people just admit they’re a bunch of fags?

  15. These are the questions Michael • faces everyday

  16. He never really fit in with the other guys, he always wanted to do arts and crafts, while listening to the latest gossip

  17. He was ridiculed by other boys his age for his mannerisms when he tried to make friends of his same gender

  18. “I remember intensely desiring to be a girl and praying to God that he would please, please make me into a girl.”

  19. Being so different from the “norm” caused him to blend into the gothic crowd rather nicely at his high school

  20. “The music helped me through a lot, but at this point all I wanted to do was die.”

  21. “I wanted to die and if I couldn't be a girl I was quite content with simply not existing at all.”

  22. After trying to drown the anxieties, pain, confusion and discomfort in drugs and self abuse Michael failed to find relief

  23. He started his research, Started ‘cross-dressing’ again and has finally decided to become the women he’s always been inside

  24. When you’re born in a body that’s not your own, you can’t be expected to live a normal life

  25. In the end, if it was you… You’d do it too.