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Breaking Growth Barriers

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Breaking Growth Barriers Growing Healthy Churches, Church Planter Training © John Jackson, Karl Roth 2007 Success? “ Pastoral success is about rightly understanding, pursuing, and achieving what God’s vision for your ministry is all about” Focus (Shaping Your Vision)

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breaking growth barriers

Breaking Growth Barriers

Growing Healthy Churches, Church Planter Training

© John Jackson, Karl Roth 2007


“Pastoral success is about rightly understanding, pursuing, and achieving what God’s vision for your ministry is all about”

Focus (Shaping Your Vision)

Alignment (Strategic Planning & Ministries)

Reach (Building Your Team)

high impact ministry
High Impact Ministry

High Impact Churches break through spiritual, social, and leadership barriers to establish new churches, new ministries, and reach large numbers of new people for Christ. High Impact churches confront the law of inertia and the reality of human lethargy with a passionate purposeful pursuit of God’s plan for evangelism in their area.

Our GRIP of the heart of God (which helps to FOCUS our motivation)
  • Our GRASP on the needs of people around us (which helps to FOCUS our ministry)
  • Our GIFTS that He has entrusted to us (which helps to FOCUS our methods)
Simple Church

A simple church is designed around a straightforward and strategic process that moves people through the stages of spiritual growth. The leadership and the church are clear about the process (clarity) and are committed to executing it. The process flows logically (movement) and is implemented in each area of the church (alignment). The church abandons everything that is not in the process (focus). - pages 67-68

Step 1: Design a Simple Process (Clarity)
  • Step 2: Place Your Key Programs Along the Process (Movement)
  • Step 3: Unite All Ministries Around the Process (Alignment)
  • Step 4: Begin to Eliminate Things Outside the Process (Focus)
3 Questions Every Church Leadership Team should be asking each year (from Ray Johnston):
  • 1) What will we do to reach our community this year?
  • 2) What will we do to grow our people this year?
  • 3) What will we do to develop leaders this year?
GROWTH BARRIERS….. (Carl George & Warren Bird, Breaking Growth Barriers)
  • The barrier of vision- A breakthrough of Clarity
  • The barrier of leadership – A breakthrough of Certainty
  • The barrier of team – A breakthrough of Unity
  • The barrier of community – A breakthrough of Connection
  • The barrier of presentation – A breakthrough of Excellence
  • The barrier of follow-through – A breakthrough of Faithfulness
church infrastructure
Church Infrastructure..
  • Relational infrastructure
  • Ministry infrastructure
  • Leadership infrastructure
breaking the 500 barrier
Breaking the 500 Barrier
  • Awkward size church
  • Vision directed values enhanced.
  • Release ministry rather than retain it
  • Pastor as leader or stagnate
  • At this level, pastor becomes leader or else stagnation
500 barrier continued
500 barrier continued..
  • Elevate the thinking of the pastor
  • Hire exceptional staff
  • Create multiple entry points
  • Provide assimilation and discipleship via small groups/classes
1000 barrier 800 1000
1000 Barrier (800-1000)
  • Worship Excellence
  • Communication is Key
  • Excellence, Simplicity, Synergy
focus on
Focus on…
  • Spiritual Health
  • Stairstep Growth
  • Evaluation
  • Structure
  • Team (above the line, below the line)
staff roles
Staff Roles
  • Communicate mission, vision and values
  • Manage the church’s systems
  • Lead problem solving
  • Build relationships
  • Create new opportunities for ministry
  • Leadership Development
  • Discipleship
  • Perceive the membership in terms of lay-led teams
  • Train leaders in three areas: Spiritual and Relational Vitality, Core Competencies and Change Management
  • Have a clear method and curriculum for teaching leadership
cast vision
Cast Vision
  • Leaders develop a sense of a preferable future.
  • Vision casting requires a passionate pursuit of the possible even in the midst of the mind-numbing reality of the present.
  • Leaders learn to speak in short sentences that SING rather than in paragraphs that SNORE.
  • Leaders must paint pictures, call forth emotions, and challenge people to risk
create environments
Create Environments
  • Create environments to reach unchurched, grow disciples, develop leaders.
  • We live in an EXPERIENCE economy…..
  • Starbucks is not, in the end, selling coffee!
  • Neither is Barnes & Noble selling books!
  • And you know that Chucky Cheese is not selling pizza!
develop systems
Develop Systems
  • Manufacturing Model:

Begin with the end in mind….

equip leaders
Equip Leaders
  • Pinpoint HIGH CAPACITY leaders
  • VISION DRIVEN releasing ministry requires personal security…
  • Every leader creates an atmosphere of Destiny, a sense of Family, and a Militant Spirit (Elmore)