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Barrett Wissman – Breaking Barriers PowerPoint Presentation
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Barrett Wissman – Breaking Barriers

Barrett Wissman – Breaking Barriers

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Barrett Wissman – Breaking Barriers

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  1. Barrett Wissman – Breaking Barriers

  2. Barrett Wissman – The Medici of the 21st Century • Barrett Wissman brings us the concept of truly allowing ourselves to become absorbed in the arts via what could be called the ‘slow entertainment’ movement. • The Forbes columnist, financier and Co-Chairman of IMG Artists organized unique festivals such as the Festival Del Sole, the Abu Dhabi Festival, the PlacidoDominigo Festival and Tribeca Firenze, all of which not only offered a stellar lineup of performing artists and entertainment, but gave guests the opportunity to enjoy exquisite food, wine and historical exhibitions in a culturally rich environment. • He believes the growth of his ‘slow entertainment’ approach will result in nothing less than a ‘broader cultural understanding between people and contribute to the appreciation of what makes us human beings again’–which is something often too easily forgotten in our fast-paced digital age.

  3. Barrett Wissman: The Sphinx Organization • Mr. Wissman is an entrepreneur, a great musician and a reliable supporter of the arts. He supported organizations that promote arts education and diversity. • Sphinx Organization, a non-profit working to transform lives through the power of diversity in the arts is the great example of his work. Barrett Wissman & IMG Artists Announce Partnership with The Sphinx Organization in Feb 2014. • Sphinx Organization promotes the education and careers of young, marginalized musicians; Barrett ensures those who could never have access to instruments have them…”

  4. Co-Founder of Napa’s Festival del Sole • Barrett Wissman is all about the perfect pairing. He brings world-class musicians and performers and juxtaposes them with world-class experiences with wine and food. • A decade ago, he teamed up with Richard Walker to found Napa Valley’s Festival del Sole, a midsummer celebration of music, dance, performance, improvisation, fine wine and cuisine — what he calls “the art of life.” • The festival now runs 10 days (July 17-26) and includes 47 events at wineries, parks and cultural locations that pair top-flight talent with the best of the Napa Valley.

  5. Barrett Wissman: Festive Fundraisers • The Festival del Sole Gala held at the five star Mead wood recently raised a staggering $1m. The event was founded by Richard Walker and Barrett Wissman. • Attracting over 300 guests, this midsummer soiree enjoyed the performance of forest-fairies, 10-time Grammy winner and Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree Arturo Sandoval, as well as singers Monica Mancini and Jamie Davis. • The Napa Valley Festival del Sole was founded in 2006 by San Francisco Bay Area attorney and arts manager Richard Walker and IMG Artists Chairman Barrett Wissman. They envisioned that the festival would define Napa Valley as a cultural destination.

  6. Cultural Development by Barrett Wissman • Barrett Wissman has been leading a paradigm shift in performing arts monopoly. Shifting from conventional settings and trying to bring arts and music to new places, Barrett vowed to promote refined arts and world class performances as universal and borderless. • In order to reach a wider audience and take his work to the next level, Barrett is also the visionary behind IMG artists, an artists management firm that represents more award-winners and global best-sellers than any other company in the world. • It’s a mission in his life to have more and more people enjoy and love the arts.”

  7. Interesting Things about Barrett • He is a very aesthetically oriented person, an amateur student of architecture and interior design. He went to incredible lengths to find a company that would make paua shell tiles for his home. • He loves materials and colors - both opulent and minimalist. In one of his homes I has mixed together minimalist and oriental design, with many Indian artefacts and an Indian garden. • He enjoys the dividends of his primary investment and hard work: to keep music an active part of his life.


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