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Vocabulary: Week 7

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Vocabulary: Week 7

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Vocabulary: Week 7

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  1. Vocabulary: Week 7 10th Grade NMHS

  2. Adulterate (verb) “Uh-DUL-ter-ate” To make something cheaper, To make it impure. This word isn’t nice to adults, That’s for sure. REMEMBER THIS : Adults have adulterated the Definition: render (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior one

  3. Banal (adj) “Buh-NOL” Banal writers will bore you silly. Their work is just common And stale— I mean, really. Remember: Let’s ban all banal writing. Definition: so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring

  4. Delectable (adj) “Dih-LEKT-uh-bul” It means highly pleasing, enjoyable. It’s something that’s truly delicious. Like there’s only one slice Of delectable pizza! Look out ’cause I get kind of vicious. REMEMBER THIS : Delectable is delicious. Definition: (of food or drink) delicious

  5. Fallacious (adj) “Fuh-LAY-shus” The tabloids are fallacious. They’re misleading, full of lies. They’re papers full of falsehoods. This writing I despise. REMEMBER THIS : Fallacious means false. Definition: a mistaken belief, esp. one based on unsound argument

  6. Goad (verb) “GODE” To prompt and persuade And move someone ahead. I goaded the chef To cook me some cornbread. REMEMBER THIS :To goad is to get someone to go. Definition: provoke (someone) so as to stimulate some action or reaction

  7. Gratifying (adj) “GRAT-ih-fy-ing” Something that makes you Feel grateful . . . And something that is satisfying . . . And something that simply is pleasing . . . That thing is called gratifying. REMEMBER THIS : You feel grateful for things that are gratifying. Definition: pleasuring or with satisfaction

  8. Intrepid (adj) “In-TREP-id” Intrepid means courageous and bold. If you’re young, scared, weak, or old— Stand up—don’t always do as you’re told. REMEMBER THIS : Intrepid—It’s not tepid (hesitant). Definition: fearless; adventurous

  9. Palpable (adj) “PALP-uh-bul” So heart palpitations are palpable; Your heart goes so wild you perceive it. David Beckham Makes girls’ heartbeats palpable. The screaming? You wouldn’t believe it. REMEMBER THIS : Heart palpitations are palpable. Definition: able to be touched or felt

  10. Servile (adj) “SER-vile” Submissive and subservient— Well, that’s no way to be. That would make you servile And bummed, I guarantee. REMEMBER THIS : Servile people serve other people. Definition: having or showing an excessive willingness to serve or please others

  11. Spiel (noun) “SHPEEL” A spiel is an overblown lecture, A sales pitch, or maybe a speech. Blowhards are big on delivering spiels, Especially on things out of reach. REMEMBER THIS : Steven Spielberg hears a lot of spiels. Definition: the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation

  12. Word Array Linear arrays are visual representations of degree. An activity like this helps students examine subtle distinctions in the words. Linear arrays may be more appropriate for displaying other types of relationships among words. The relationship among such words can be illustrated visually by arranging them in a line. freezing – cool – tepid – hot – boiling minute – small – average – huge – immense private – sergeant – captain – lieutenant – colonel past – yesterday – present – tomorrow – future. Create one word array for vocabulary word.