native american science engineering program nasep l.
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Native American Science & Engineering Program (NASEP) PowerPoint Presentation
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Native American Science & Engineering Program (NASEP)

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Native American Science & Engineering Program (NASEP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Native American Science & Engineering Program (NASEP). June 1-June 5 th , 2009. NASEP ’09 is the…. DAY 1… 8 in the morning. Everything was really quiet. Everyone was shy. We were all tired…but excited. Getting to Know Each Other.

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DAY 1… 8 in the morning

Everything was really quiet.

Everyone was shy.

We were all tired…but excited.

getting to know each other
Getting to Know Each Other
  • We introduced ourselves to each other (what our names are, where we go to school, what we want to do in life.)
  • Think of it as “speed dating” in Movies
9 30 am
9:30 AM
  • More professional staff showed up to help
  • Discussed random things about ourselves…
9 31am
  • We begin building
  • Learn about the components of the computer and how to handle them
  • “Safety First”
learning from the best
Learning from the best
  • Learning how to put our computer together from our instructor, Matt.
building the computer
Building the computer
  • Pretty standard not many problems with the build
  • Just had to muscle in some pieces.
  • Lunch was a time to meet everyone.
  • It was nothing like cafeteria food.
  • “This Ain’t High School”
after lunch
After Lunch
  • Finished building the last of the computers
  • Had some difficulty reading the “map” design that came with it.
  • Figured it out in the end
  • Finished the computer!!!

The Test…

All the parts were in, we now had to power up our computers.

Aaren told us to take cover for his.

… So we did.

the tests
The Tests

Success!! They all started!

uploading software
Uploading Software
  • We were given several different programs to install
  • Very interesting part of the process
  • Waited for the screen to say “finish”
assembly required
Assembly Required…
  • Careful in handling the motherboard!
  • Caution: not for children 6 and under, or those with unsteady or greasy hands…

College StudentPanel

  • Four U of A students spent the afternoon with us
  • We met students who were earning their bachelors or masters degrees in civil engineering, biology, and visual communications.

Campus Tour

  • Old Main-first building of the university in 1885
  • Student Union-place to eat, relax, and seek resources to make college more enjoyable.
  • Library-public to the community & is the only building on campus that is not red brick
college prep
College Prep
  • Scholarships
    • Gates
    • FAFSA
  • Majors of interest
    • Engineering, graphic design, law, forensic science…
  • What can we do now?
    • Get good grades, learn time management, & achieve in extracurricular clubs & sports.

Practice is only way to get better

  • Don’t forget to ask questions.
  • Also, multi-tasking is very important
  • Be creative
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Keep practicing!

Abra, Jalyssa & Corey

Meredith & Ashley

Meredith & Aaren


Our first project

Don’t forget to save your projects!

personal 3 d designs
Personal 3-D designs
  • Each student had to come up with their design.
  • We used tools from the tutorial to create those designs.
  • Everyone worked very hard on their projects.
  • We also had time to do college and scholarship research
our designs
Our Designs

Ian designed a guitar pick

Our instructor, Corey

made this design

Morningstar built a bracelet

more designs
More Designs

Luz created a key chain

Jalyssa also made a key chain

Ashley made a small pencil holder

Aaren designed modern art


Guest Speakers

  • Different Native professionals visited to share their experiences and to offer a piece of wisdom.

Dr. Julius Yellowhair

Dr. Marlene Platero &

Dr. Emerson Bitsuie


AZ Live- 3-D Virtual Reality Tour

  • We learned the concepts & hardware needed make 3-D work.
  • We experienced the 3-D ourselves
  • We had so much fun.

What’s going to

happen next?



As a group and individually, we over came obstacles and challenges

May this experience help us later on in our college and career paths.


Source of Networking











Between the students, staff, & guest speakers

We have expanded our network!




You Did It!!!




Way 2 Go!!

HIGH !!!!!

there were many people who made nasep possible and we would like to take a minute to say thank you

Thank you

There were many people who made NASEP possible and we would like to take a minute to say thank you!


Thank you

Ak-Chin Community Raytheon Sandia National Laboratories

  • UA Native American Student Affairs
  • Early Academic Outreach Program
  • Lori Tochihara & Staff
  • College of Optical Sciences
    • Dr. Nasser Pegyhambarian, PI, Dr. Meredith Kupinski, CIAN
    • Kimberly Sierra-Cajas, STC, & Corey Christensen
  • Special Advisor the the President Native American Affairs
  • Karen Francis-Begay
  • Alaskan Native Science & Engineering Program
  • Matt Calhoun
  • SUSD Native American Advisors
  • Connie Greenburg & Felicia Espinosa
  • TUSD Native American Studies
  • Anselmo Ramon
  • UA College of Engineering
  • Dr. Ray Umshankar & Peter Druart
  • Rapid Prototype Printing
  • Brian Miller & Lars Furenlid
  • UA Native American Student Panelist
  • Brandon Billy, Dylan Moriarty, Johnny Nelson, Earlphia Sells
  • AZ Live Virtual Reality-Marvin Landis
  • UA Office of Admissions

2009 NASEP Participants & their families