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Native American Science & Engineering Program (NASEP)

Native American Science & Engineering Program (NASEP). June 1-June 5 th , 2009. NASEP ’09 is the…. DAY 1… 8 in the morning. Everything was really quiet. Everyone was shy. We were all tired…but excited. Getting to Know Each Other.

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Native American Science & Engineering Program (NASEP)

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  1. Native American Science &Engineering Program (NASEP) June 1-June 5th, 2009

  2. NASEP ’09 is the…

  3. DAY 1… 8 in the morning Everything was really quiet. Everyone was shy. We were all tired…but excited.

  4. Getting to Know Each Other • We introduced ourselves to each other (what our names are, where we go to school, what we want to do in life.) • Think of it as “speed dating” in Movies

  5. 9:30 AM • More professional staff showed up to help • Discussed random things about ourselves…

  6. 9:31am • We begin building • Learn about the components of the computer and how to handle them • “Safety First”

  7. Learning from the best • Learning how to put our computer together from our instructor, Matt.

  8. Building the computer • Pretty standard not many problems with the build • Just had to muscle in some pieces.

  9. Lunch • Lunch was a time to meet everyone. • It was nothing like cafeteria food. • “This Ain’t High School”

  10. After Lunch • Finished building the last of the computers • Had some difficulty reading the “map” design that came with it. • Figured it out in the end • Finished the computer!!!

  11. The Test… All the parts were in, we now had to power up our computers. Aaren told us to take cover for his. … So we did.

  12. The Tests Success!! They all started!

  13. Uploading Software • We were given several different programs to install • Very interesting part of the process • Waited for the screen to say “finish”

  14. Assembly Required… • Careful in handling the motherboard! • Caution: not for children 6 and under, or those with unsteady or greasy hands…

  15. This is how it’s done …..skills.

  16. Preparing us for college

  17. College StudentPanel • Four U of A students spent the afternoon with us • We met students who were earning their bachelors or masters degrees in civil engineering, biology, and visual communications.

  18. Campus Tour • Old Main-first building of the university in 1885 • Student Union-place to eat, relax, and seek resources to make college more enjoyable. • Library-public to the community & is the only building on campus that is not red brick

  19. College Prep • Scholarships • Gates • FAFSA • Majors of interest • Engineering, graphic design, law, forensic science… • What can we do now? • Get good grades, learn time management, & achieve in extracurricular clubs & sports.

  20. Practice is only way to get better • Don’t forget to ask questions. • Also, multi-tasking is very important • Be creative • HAVE FUN!!!

  21. Keep practicing! Abra, Jalyssa & Corey Meredith & Ashley Meredith & Aaren

  22. Our first project Don’t forget to save your projects!

  23. Personal 3-D designs • Each student had to come up with their design. • We used tools from the tutorial to create those designs.

  24. Designing • Everyone worked very hard on their projects. • We also had time to do college and scholarship research

  25. Our Designs Ian designed a guitar pick Our instructor, Corey made this design Morningstar built a bracelet

  26. More Designs Luz created a key chain Jalyssa also made a key chain Ashley made a small pencil holder Aaren designed modern art

  27. Rapid Prototype Printer transformed our ideas into actual 3-D projects! Now it’s time to print!

  28. Guest Speakers • Different Native professionals visited to share their experiences and to offer a piece of wisdom. Dr. Julius Yellowhair Dr. Marlene Platero & Dr. Emerson Bitsuie

  29. AZ Live- 3-D Virtual Reality Tour • We learned the concepts & hardware needed make 3-D work. • We experienced the 3-D ourselves • We had so much fun.

  30. What’s going to happen next?


  32. Accomplishment As a group and individually, we over came obstacles and challenges May this experience help us later on in our college and career paths.

  33. Source of Networking Luz MorningStar Ashley Jalyssa Ian Aaren Abra Meredith Dylan Chris Between the students, staff, & guest speakers We have expanded our network!

  34. Encouragement

  35. Accomplishment YAY! You Did It!!! WOW! AWESOME Whoo-hoo Way 2 Go!! HIGH !!!!!


  37. It was a fun week!!

  38. Thank you There were many people who made NASEP possible and we would like to take a minute to say thank you!

  39. Thank you Ak-Chin Community Raytheon Sandia National Laboratories • UA Native American Student Affairs • Early Academic Outreach Program • Lori Tochihara & Staff • College of Optical Sciences • Dr. Nasser Pegyhambarian, PI, Dr. Meredith Kupinski, CIAN • Kimberly Sierra-Cajas, STC, & Corey Christensen • Special Advisor the the President Native American Affairs • Karen Francis-Begay • Alaskan Native Science & Engineering Program • Matt Calhoun • SUSD Native American Advisors • Connie Greenburg & Felicia Espinosa • TUSD Native American Studies • Anselmo Ramon • UA College of Engineering • Dr. Ray Umshankar & Peter Druart • Rapid Prototype Printing • Brian Miller & Lars Furenlid • UA Native American Student Panelist • Brandon Billy, Dylan Moriarty, Johnny Nelson, Earlphia Sells • AZ Live Virtual Reality-Marvin Landis • UA Office of Admissions 2009 NASEP Participants & their families

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