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Native American Music

Native American Music. Drums. Native American drums are probably the most recognizable Native American instruments among American Indians and non Native people alike.

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Native American Music

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  1. Native American Music

  2. Drums • Native American drums are probably the most recognizable Native American instruments among American Indians and non Native people alike. • Drums for generations have been at the center of Native lifestyle, forming what has become the foundation of religion and spirituality as well as social gatherings where a pow-wow drum is center stage.

  3. Drums • American Indian drums are believed to speak to the drummer. • Native drums being made in a circle represent the earth and life. • The most well known drums are hoop drums and shaman drums which are Indian hand drums used in many personal healing and religious ceremonies as well as public ceremonies such as a Native American pow-wow.

  4. Drums • The hide of the animal that is stretched over the ring brings with it unique characteristics of the spirit of the animal and brings life to the drum when played. • The beating drum is compared to the beating of a human heart and is said to represent the heart beat of the earth which is a belief that is classic Native American.

  5. Drum Videos • Informational: • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMRTi3lMETE • Live Performances: • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A7azOU3SDM • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODQvDEjVrtU

  6. Art and the Native American Drum • Native American Indian drums have a rich culture and because they are so important they are used in not only music but art and dance as well. • The Indian drummer becomes an artist and communicates impressions of his inner feelings and beliefs in his Indian art. • Some American Indian tribes use animals to decorate their drums and others use geometric patterns and everything in between. In some tribal cultures the drummer will place something of personal value inside the drum to permanently join himself with his hand drum.

  7. Native American Drums

  8. Native American Flutes • Traditional Native American flute music had a personal connection. It was used for courtship, healing, and meditation. • There are many myths and stories that have been passed down through the tribes that are centered around the flute and its purpose in everyday life.

  9. Flute Construction • Historic flutes were made from a number of woods, including ash, box elder, cane, and pipewood, but cedar (both the eastern and western varieties) was used the most. • Many were made of cane and giant grass. • Some flutes were hollowed or bored out, using a wooden bowed borer. • Other flutes were made from two halves, sometimes glued together with tree pitch, and wrapped together with hide or sinew. • The open end of the flutes were sometimes carved in the shape of a bird or other creature. • Some flutes of the Southwest were made of clay.

  10. Native American Flutes

  11. Native American Rattles • Very important to the Native American western Navajo culture as well as other tribes • An Indian rattle may be used as a dance rattle or to accompany the rhythm of the Native Indian drums. • Ceremonial music often includes the use of turtle shell rattles. Of the many types of Indian rattles it is probably the turtle shell rattle as well as Native American "gourd rattles" that are the most well known

  12. Native American Rattles

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