Creating america chapter 3 sec 1
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Creating America: Chapter 3 Sec. 1. Rago 2012-2013. Essential Questions. What were early English attempts at colonizing? How did the English finance their colonies? How was Jamestown founded and how did it grow?

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Creating america chapter 3 sec 1

Creating America:Chapter 3 Sec. 1



Essential questions
Essential Questions

  • What were early English attempts at colonizing?

  • How did the English finance their colonies?

  • How was Jamestown founded and how did it grow?

  • Analyze the conflicts of the Jamestown colonists both with the Native Americans and among the colonists themselves.

Key terms
Key Terms

  • Joint-Stock company

  • Charter

  • Jamestown

  • John Smith

  • Indentured Servant

  • House of Burgesses

  • Bacon's Rebellion

One american s story
One American's Story

  • Roanoke Island

  • John White-artist, helped establish colony.

  • Left Roanoke in 1587, didn't return for 3 years.

  • By the time he came back, the colony had mysteriously disappeared.

English plan colonies
English Plan Colonies

Late 1500's Spain had many colonies in the Americas; England did notEnglish defeated Spanish Armada(or Navy) in 1588

England was now free to colonizein America

So why the americas
So why the Americas?

  • Richard Haklyut- English geographer; Americas would provide new markets for English exports

  • Benefits for England:

  • *Increase Trade and build gold supply

  • *Would help establish the Protestant Faith

Why did the english also want to go to the america
Why did the English also want to go to the America?

  • Glory, God, Gold and Freedom

  • Lyrics:

  • In sixteen hundred seven (1607)We sail the open seaFor glory, God, and goldAnd The Virginia CompanyFor the New World is like heavenAnd we'll all be rich and freeOr so we have been toldBy The Virginia Company

Why did the english also want to go to the america continued
Why did the English also want to go to the America? (continued)

  • 3 reasons:

  • Lack of opportunity in England

  • Gold Mines!

  • Escape Religious Persecution (being treated badly because of your faith).

Two early colonies fail first colony roanoke
Two Early Colonies Fail: (continued)First colony- Roanoke

  • Location: off the coast

  • of Virginia

  • Year: 1585

  • Sir Walter Raleigh-solider

  • Queen Elizabeth- gave SWR

  • permission to create a colony

  • at Roanoke

  • SWR financed (or paid for)

  • the colony

Why did the roanoke colony fail
Why did the Roanoke Colony fail? (continued)

  • Native American's cut off the food supply to the colonists

  • NA's found out Colonists wanted to take their land

  • The survivors of returned to England in 1586

  • John White convinced Raleigh to try again; failed.

Second colony sagadahoc
Second Colony: Sagadahoc (continued)

  • Location: Maine

  • Year: 1607

  • Populated by criminals

  • They didn't cooperate or prosper

  • Most returned to England

Financing a colony
Financing a Colony (continued)

  • Raleigh put all his money in to his colony and lost it

  • Joint-Stock company- allowed many people to support a colony with the hope of making money off of the colony

  • Each investor receives shares of stock in the colony or company

To start a colony you need
To start a colony you need... (continued)

  • ...a charter or a written contract from King James 1 that allowed the companies to establish a colony

Jamestown (continued)

  • founded 1607 by the Virginia Company of London on the James River

  • Hardships: swampy, mosquito filled land

  • poor drinking water

  • Spent their time looking for gold, when they should have been building houses and growing food

  • Climate- hot summer, cold winter

Jamestown grows
Jamestown grows (continued)

  • ...but first it declines

  • By 1609- 38 colonists (out of the original 100) are alive

  • Along comes John Smith

  • "He that will not work, will not eat."

  • Extended wall around Jamestown.

  • Traded corn with Powhatan tribe.

  • 800 colonists arrive

Troubles in 1609
Troubles in 1609... (continued)

  • Powhatan tribe stopped trading food; started attacking colonists

  • People starving

  • Only 60 survived until the arrival of two ships in 1610

Tobacco comes to jamestown
Tobacco comes to Jamestown (continued)

  • Virginia soil was perfect for growing

  • Allowed the people to prosper; soon wanted to buy land and share in profits

  • Settlers worked harder when the land was theirs.

  • First African Americans arrived in 1619

  • Pop. increase from 600 to 2000

Other changes
Other changes... (continued)

  • Indentured servants: people that could not afford to buy their passage (boat ride) to the colonies but had someone sponsor them

  • person agreed to work for a set number of years

  • after that they were free to do at they wished (farm, trade, etc.)

Early government
Early Government (continued)

  • House of Burgesses- established 1619 because colonists did not like the way the governor was running the colony

  • H.o.B.- a group of elected officials chosen by the colonists

  • First move towards independent government

Conflicts with the powhatan
Conflicts with the Powhatan (continued)

  • Causes-colonists wanted land

  • John Rolfe marries Pocahontas to make things better

  • Brought peace-Powhatan showed colonists how to grow corn, fish and catch game

  • What went wrong?

  • Colonists kept taking more land for tobacco farms

  • 1622 Powhatan killed Jamestown residents

Bacon s rebellion 1676
Bacon's Rebellion 1676 (continued)

  • 1/4 of all Jamestown were former indentured servants. 

  • They resented the rich land owners

  • Nat Bacon led group of landless settlers who opposed Gov. William Berkeley because of high taxes and favoritism towards landowners

Bacon wanted
Bacon wanted... (continued)

  • ....war against Native Americans so that they could take their land for tobacco plantations

  • Gov. Berkeley refused.

  • Bacon marched to Jamestown, burned it to the ground and took over H.o.B.

  • H.o.B. passed laws to limit governor's power