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Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Voice. 8 th grade language arts. View Short Videos on Active/Passive Voice . http://learni.st/users/421/boards/2084-verbs-active-passive-conditional-and-subjunctive-mood-to-achieve-particular-effects-common-core-standards-8-l-3-8-l-3-a. Active Voice.

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Active and Passive Voice

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  1. Active and Passive Voice 8th grade language arts

  2. View Short Videos on Active/Passive Voice • http://learni.st/users/421/boards/2084-verbs-active-passive-conditional-and-subjunctive-mood-to-achieve-particular-effects-common-core-standards-8-l-3-8-l-3-a

  3. Active Voice • The subject of the sentence performs the action (subject will come before verb) • Remember subject is who or what the sentence is about and the verb is the action taking place! • Preferable voice to use in writing

  4. Examples of Active Voice • The manate five hamburgers. • Mary mailed the letter. • Colorful parrots live in the rain forest.

  5. Passive Voice • The subject receives the action of the verb • You can recognize passive-voice expressions because the verb phrase will always include a form of be, such as am, is, was, were, are, or been. HOWEVER the presence of a be-verb, however, does not necessarily mean that the sentence is in passive voice. • Avoid using this voice when writing

  6. Examples of Passive Voice • An ‘A’ was given to Mike. • The letter wasmailed by Mary. • Five hamburgers must have been eaten by the man.

  7. Identify the Voice Each Sentence Uses • Harry ate six shrimp at dinner. • active • At dinner, six shrimp were eaten by Harry. • passive • Beautiful giraffes roam the savannah. • active • The savannah is roamed by beautiful giraffes. • passive • Sue changed the flat tire. • active • The flat tire was changed by Sue. • passive • We are going to watch a movie tonight. • active

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