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The American Revolution

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The American Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The American Revolution. Albany Plan of Union (1754). 1660: The Navigation Acts. Rules: Colonies must trade with Britain and Britain alone! Colonists ignored the acts and Britain did nothing. Salutary neglect= Britain bad parent. French and Indian War. French and Indians vs. Britian

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The American Revolution

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1660 the navigation acts
1660: The Navigation Acts
  • Rules: Colonies must trade with Britain and Britain alone!
  • Colonists ignored the acts and Britain did nothing.
  • Salutary neglect=

Britain bad parent

french and indian war
French and Indian War
  • French and Indians vs. Britian
  • Fighting over land between 1754-1763
  • Nicknamed the 7 Years War
  • Britain won but faced enormous war debt.
  • Who should help pay? Britain says the colonists.
  • This is the unofficial start of the American Revolution!
proclamation line of 1763
Proclamation Line of 1763
  • Britain had land east

of the Mississippi River

  • The Line: Banned all

settlement west of the

Appalachian Mtns (to

ease tensions with the

Native Americans.

the tax party begins
The Tax Party Begins…
  • 1764: Sugar Act
  • 1765: Stamp Act (resulted in boycotts and the Stamp Act Congress)
  • Declaratory Act: Parliament makes your laws now
  • 1767: Townshend Acts (glass, paint, tea)
writs of assistance
Writs of Assistance
  • To combat smugglers, British officials used these writs (search warrants) to search any place and take any items at any time.
the boston massacre
The Boston Massacre
  • March 1770: What happened?
committees of correspondence
Committees of Correspondence
  • Started by Sam Adams
  • Used to pass information between the colonies
1773 tea act
1773: Tea Act
  • Parliament repealed (took away) the Townshend Acts except for the tea tax
  • Allowed the East India Tea Company to sell tea without the tax
  • Led to the December 1773 Boston Tea Party
spring 1774 the intolerable acts
Spring 1774: The Intolerable Acts
  • Designed to punish colonists!
  • 3 major parts: Closed Boston Harbor, Boston under British martial law, Quartering Act (soldiers can stay in your homes)
  • Also called the Coercive Acts
1774 first continental congress
1774: First Continental Congress
  • Met in Philly
  • Sent King George III a “Declaration of Rights and Grievances”
  • Told George we would continue to boycott until the Intolerable Acts were repealed.
  • How did the king respond?
lexington and concord
Lexington and Concord
  • April 19, 1775
  • “Shot Heard Round the World”
may 1775 2 nd continental congress
May 1775: 2nd Continental Congress
  • Sent King George III the Olive Branch Petition (wants to make up)
  • Eventually adopted 2 pieces of paper: the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.
common sense
Common Sense
  • Published by Thomas Paine in Jan. 1776
  • We need to use our brains and get away from Britain
  • Best selling pamphlet of that year!
july 4 1776
July 4, 1776
  • Declaration of Independence Adopted
articles of confederation
Articles of Confederation
  • The first constitution OF Amercia
  • Written in 1777, Adopted in 1781
battle of yorktown
Battle of Yorktown
  • Final battle of the American Revolution
  • How did the U.S. win?

a. Guerilla warfare

b. British in unfamiliar territory

c. British supplies took too long to arrive

d. Heart

treaty of paris 1783
Treaty of Paris, 1783
  • Officially ended the American Revolution. It acknowledged American independence and granted the new nation land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River.