Steiner Hall Renovation
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Steiner Hall Renovation May 2009-August 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steiner Hall Renovation May 2009-August 2009. A Sustainable Renovation!. Steiner Hall Comprises a total of 53,917 GSF (Gross Square Feet) and 270 total beds. The Steiner Hall Renovation is proudly brought to you by: UWSP Residential Living Staff & Students, UWSP Facilities Services,

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Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009

Steiner Hall Renovation

May 2009-August 2009

A Sustainable Renovation!

Steiner Hall

Comprises a total of 53,917 GSF (Gross Square Feet)

and 270 total beds

The Steiner Hall Renovation is proudly brought to you by:

UWSP Residential Living Staff & Students, UWSP Facilities Services,

University of Wisconsin System, Wisconsin Department of Administration,

Wisconsin Department of State Facilities, Somerville Architects Engineers & Construction Services,

and Ellis Stone Construction!

This project supports Residential Living’s environmentally friendly efforts and complies with DSF Sustainability Standards, Act 141 and Executive Order 145.

Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009


  • Patio & Ramp Reconstruction

  • Elevator Installation

  • Accessibility Upgrades

    • Accessible Bathrooms each floor

    • Door & Hardware throughout

    • Accessible Resident Rooms

  • ADA Compliant Hall Director Apartment & Patio

  • Lighting Upgrades

  • Window Replacement

  • Individual Resident Room Temperature Control

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Casework

  • Fire Sprinkler System throughout

  • Plastering of Masonry Blocks

  • Furniture & Flooring Upgrades

  • Lobby Reconfiguration

  • Generator Installation

Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009

Patio & ramp reconstruction

The exterior ramp and patio were demolished and rebuilt according to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements making them accessible to all. Along with the ADA improvements the new design of the patio and ramp also enhanced exterior programming and lounging capabilities for residents and provided additional protected bike storage next to the building.

The stone used on the construction of the new patio is a sustainable & regional material. Short distance transits are environmentally friendly as fewer gas emissions are produced during shorter travels.

Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009


The component of making Steiner hall accessible to all was primarily achieved through the addition of a 5-stop elevator. The elevator was installed in the previous location of the mailboxes. All will enjoy the ease of move-in and move-out day with the use of the new 4500 lb, 28 person capacity elevator!

Elevator install in progress…

Operational as of

Friday, August 20, 2009!

Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009


In addition to the elevator and exterior ramp, the accessibility component of the project was further enhanced by the remodel of the bathrooms. The bathtubs in the private baths were removed and the entire private bath was reconfigured to accommodate a new roll-in shower with accessible grab bars making the bathrooms fully ADA compliant. The removal of the male and female gender private restrooms in the lower level were reconstructed into one Unisex restroom. All bathrooms now accommodate wheelchair accessibility!

Due to maintenance concerns, the resident room doors and others throughout the building were replaced with new. New lever style hardware was installed making the operation of the door more accessible and user friendly to those with limited mobility.

Accessible Bathrooms

located on every floor.

New Doors & Accessible Hardware installed throughout the building.

Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009


Making Steiner hall accessible to all included the addition of 11 double occupancy ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant resident rooms. Clear-open floor space of each lounge room was increased to allow for a full 5’-0” turning radius of a wheelchair along with other accessible considerations such as dual-height peep holes in the door, availability of dual height hang bars upon request and outlets that can accommodate bed-shakers as needed.

  • Did you know…EVERY UWSP resident room is environmentally friendly from its floor to ceiling!

  • Paint: The ceilings and walls are painted with a water based (latex), Low VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) paint, which means they emit minimal to no airborne contaminants as according to the environmental standards.

  • Floorcovering: The carpet tile in each room contains a 100% recycled content backing. The product is certified as Platinum/EPP (SCAS Standard) and California Platinum (California Gold Standard) by SCS.

    • Furniture: Dressers and desks are manufactured from sustainable forests with Low

  • VOC stains and finishes and GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certified laminate tops.

    • Chairs: Desk chairs

  • are manufactured in

  • Green Bay Wisconsin,

  • allowing for a short

  • freight distances and

  • fewer gas emissions.

  • The chairs also contain

  • recycled content and

  • are 100% recyclable

  • including the fabric!

  • Mattresses: Are manufactured in Watertown Wisconsin and are also100%

  • recyclable! Once recycled these mattresses are made into secondary products such as carpet padding.

  • Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009


    Each residence hall contains an apartment for the Residence Hall Director. The Steiner Hall Director apartment was reconfigured and reconstructed to fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is the second apartment on campus that can fully accommodate a wheel-chair bound Director and/or his or her family member. A secondary patio entrance was also added to the apartment to provide privacy and help aid in the

    necessary lifestyle balance of work & personal life.

    As with the front patio and ramp, the stone used on the

    construction of the new patio is a sustainable & regional material.

    All wall, floor and laminate finishes utilized in the apartment are

    environmentally friendly!

    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009

    Lighting Upgrades

    The need for lighting upgrades were prompted by resident requests which proved lighting was inadequate within the resident rooms along with ongoing and more frequent and costly maintenance concerns of the various aging fixtures throughout the building. Each resident room received new wall mount fixtures over mirrors and a third fixture was added on the ceiling for optimum lighting versatility and illumination.

    All fixtures utilize energy star efficient fluorescent lamps! Resident room ceiling fixtures have dual switching and the common area fixtures are on occupancy sensors. The mechanics of these fixtures assist in maximum energy efficiency by only being on when needed in the common areas and allowing residents to determine the amount of illumination within their resident room as necessary.

    Window replacement

    The previous single paned windows throughout the building were installed in 1967 during the original building construction. Due to their lack of energy efficiency and added maintenance issues over the years the window replacement process became a necessary element of the renovation.

    The new windows are double pane with low emissivity providing a more energy efficient window! Did you know…all resident room draperies were replaced with a new recyclable room darkening fabric and fabricated by our own UWSP Residential Living Upholstery staff!

    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009

    Individual Temperature Control

    A repeated concern by residents in the annual resident room satisfaction surveys is the lack of individual room temperature control. Therefore, the replacement of the current steam radiant heat with new individual room thermostat control, four pipe heating/cooling system that incorporates hot water and future air conditioning was necessary to include in the renovation.

    Room temperature was previously controlled by a single “thermostat” room which regulated the room temperature for an entire tower of rooms. As residents in non-thermostat rooms opened their windows, the thermostat room would generate more and more heat to balance the temperature throughout the tower…causing a cyclical waste of steam energy and heat. Independent control will eliminate this waste of energy!


    Maintenance accessible custom laminate casework with a solid surface acrylic sill was added to cover the HVAC pipes in each of the resident rooms and various locations throughout the building. The custom casework is not only a necessary protective covering, but it also supports Residential Living’s efforts to provide a more residential atmosphere throughout the building.

    The Wilsonart laminate used on the casework has been specifically selected for its functionality, durability, aesthetics and environmental certification. The laminate is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certified which means it is recognized as a healthy indoor air quality product. Because we spend at least 90% on average of our daily lives indoors the specification and use of products that promote and support a healthy living environment is vital to our well being. Did you know…your desks and dresser tops are also GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certified!

    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009

    Fire Sprinkler System

    For resident safety, a fire sprinkler system was installed in each resident room and throughout the building.


    Plastering OF

    Masonry Walls

    In support of Residential Living’s desire to provide a more residential appeal to the resident rooms and resident corridors, all masonry block walls received thin coat plaster with a skip trowel texture and new paint.


    All paint is Low to No- VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) formula which makes for a more air-friendly room and reduces our impact on carbon foot printing!

    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009


    With the installation of the elevator, the lobby, front desk and mailboxes experienced relocation, reconfiguration and new construction. The front desk was reconstructed with a new wood paneled contoured front and ADA accessible height countertop. A wall was also removed to add spaciousness and day lighting throughout the front entry and lobby seating area. The lobby received all new finishes and furnishings to welcome and compliment the new design of the hall!

    From the carpet, vinyl wallcovering and furnishings all elements of the lobby are environmentally friendly! All products are GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certified with recycled content.

    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009


    From the 4th floor resident rooms to the lower level T-Center, all floorcoverings were replaced throughout the building. New and refurbished furnishings were installed and re-installed throughout the common areas of Steiner Hall in support of our environmental Reduce, Reuse, Recycle efforts!

    All floorcoverings contain recycled content, low VOC adhesives and are environmentally friendly. Did you know…UWSP Residential Living

    has recycled OVER 230,000 lbs of carpet since 2004!

    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009



    • A Diesel Engine 100kw, 400 amp main breaker; 120/208 Voltage generator was installed that will power all emergency needs for the South DeBot quad with a “single elevator select” option.

    A diesel powered generator typically lasts longer than their gasoline counterparts and are more fuel efficient…and quieter!

    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009

    Did YOU KNOW…


    OVER 85%

    OF steiner hall MATERIALs!!!

    In our dedicated efforts to minimize our impact on the environment,

    we recycled and/or reused over 85% of the materials that were removed from Steiner hall during the renovation process!

    Wood........................................................8,348 lbs

    Concrete...............................................371,064 lbs

    Metal & Steel.........................................51,910 lbs

    Window Frames…………………………………….8,000 lbs

    Window Glass……………………………………….8,712 lbs

    Acoustical Ceiling Tile……………………………5,150 lbs

    Carpet…………………………………………………23,725 lbs

    Drapery……………………………………………………567 lbs

    Toilets & Sinks………………………………………….500 lbs

    Cardboard…………………………………………….7,200 lbs

    Total Recycled Reused Materials over 240 Tons!

    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009



    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009



    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009



    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009



    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009



    Steiner hall renovation may 2009 august 2009

    Many thanks to all who participated in the project!

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project,

    please contact Residential Living Building Services at 715-346-2397.

    Please continue to join and support

    UWSP Residential Living’s efforts of living an

    environmentally friendly lifestyle!

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

    Presentation By:

    Cindy Von Gnechten, Residential Living Facilities Designer