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Honda of South Carolina, Mfg., Inc

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Honda of South Carolina, Mfg., Inc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Honda of South Carolina, Mfg., Inc. HSC. Honda of South Carolina Mfg., Inc. Timmonsville, South Carolina. Location:. July 1998 (ATV) May 2000 (ATV Engines) Dec 2002 (PWC) June 2004 (AW). Started Production:. **. Plant Size:.

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honda of south carolina mfg inc1
Honda of South Carolina Mfg., Inc.

Timmonsville, South Carolina


July 1998 (ATV)

May 2000 (ATV Engines)

Dec 2002 (PWC)

June 2004 (AW)

Started Production:


Plant Size:

433,000 sq. ft. (ATV) 40,227 m2 88,000 sq. ft. (PWC) 8,175 m2

Capital Investment:

$200 million

Site Size:

625 Acres

280,000 All-Terrain Vehicles &

265,900 Engines annually (2004)

14,700 Personal Watercraft annually

Production Capacity:





AquaTrax F-12* (Non Turbo)

AquaTrax F-12X* (Turbo)

AquaTrax R-12* (Non Turbo)

AquaTrax R-12X* (Turbo)


FourTrax Rincon

FourTrax Recon (S* and ES*)

FourTrax Rancher (2WD/4WD; S and ES)

FourTrax Rancher AT*

FourTrax Foreman (S* and ES*)

FourTrax Foreman Rubicon*

SporTrax 250 EX*

SporTrax 400 EX*

Recon*, Rancher*, Foreman*, Rubicon* and 250 EX* Engines

- ATV Manufacturing

Operations Performed:

-ATV Engine Manufacturing:

Welding, frame assembly, painting, plastic injection molding, blow molding, sub-assembly, quality assurance, and dynamic testing

High and low pressure die-casting, ferrous and aluminum machining, engine and differential assembly, engine testing

-PWC Manufacturing

- Aluminum Wheel Manufacturing

*Manufactured exclusively by Honda of South Carolina Mfg. using domestic and globally sourced parts

** ATV Sq. Ft. w/o Administration

current general recruiting practices
Current General Recruiting Practices
  • Selection Process
  • Non-Exempt
    • Multiple Interviews with HR and Department Coordinator
    • Matrix is used based on job qualification and requirements
    • Work Keys
    • Behavioral Assessment
      • Reliability
      • Work Ethic
      • Substance Abuse
      • Integrity
    • Skills Assessment may be required
    • Background Check
    • Physical with Drug/Alcohol Screen
the work keys assessments used by honda of south carolina hsc
The Work Keys Assessments used by Honda of South Carolina (HSC)
  • Observation
  • Must meet Level 4
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Must meet Level 3
  • Locating Information
  • Must meet Level 4

More information available at

applied mathematics
Applied Mathematics

Level 3

In your job as a cashier, a customer gives you a $20 bill to pay for a can of coffee that costs $3.84. How much change should you give back?

A. $15.26

B. $16.16

C. $16.26

D. $16.84

E. $17.16

Level 5

Quik Call charges 18¢ per minute for long-distance calls. Econo Phone totals your phone usage each month and rounds the number of minutes up to the nearest 15 minutes. It then charges $7.90 per hour of phone usage, dividing this charge into 15-minute segments if you used less than a full hour. If your office makes 5 hours 3 minutes worth of calls this month using the company with the lower price, how much will these calls cost?

A. $39.50

B. $41.48

C. $41.87

D. $54.00

E. $54.54

locating information
Locating Information

Level 4

  • You must sort clothes in a dry cleaning establishment according to the customer's instructions. According to the form shown, how should this customer's shirt be treated?
  • Dry-clean it, add light starch,
  • and fold it.
  • Dry-clean it, add light starch,
  • and place it on a hanger.
  • Launder it with no starch
  • and place it on a hanger.
  • Launder it with light starch
  • and place it on a hanger.
  • Launder it with medium starch
  • and fold it.

Level 5

  • You are a line supervisor at a plant that packages dishwashing soap in bottles. Each week you review the production rates for the three teams that work on your line. According to the bar chart shown, which team had the highest overall production for Week 38?
  • Team A
  • Team B
  • Team C
  • Team A & B had the same production rate.
  • Team B & C had the same production rate.

Team B & C had the same production rate on Friday & Team C had a lower rate on Tuesday. Team C had a higher production rate on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.

history hiring practices
History Hiring Practices
  • Starting in 1997, GATB test was used
  • HSC stopped using this test in 2000 due to large ramp up
  • Beginning April 1, 2002, work keys was put into our hiring practice
  • Reasons for going with Work Keys were that HSC was looking for a higher skill level for our associates
  • Started using Behavioral Assessments January 14, 2005
work keys test rate
Work Keys Test Rate
  • Since April 2002, HSC has tested 695 applicants
  • 217 of those applicants passed on the first try
  • That is 31% of the population tested
work keys test rate for contract associates
Work Keys Test Rate for Contract Associates
  • Since January 2, 2006, Diversco has tested 211 applicants
  • 99 of those applicants passed on the first try
  • That is 46.9% of the population tested
total separations with no work keys assessment as of december 2006
Total Separations with no Work Keys Assessment as of December 2006

Started Behavioral Assessments

Started Work Keys

osha recordable rate for april 1 2002 thru present for contract associates
OSHA Recordable Rate for April 1, 2002 thru Present for Contract Associates

Contract Associates are required to take Work Keys and Behavioral Assessments before assigned.