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South Carolina

South Carolina

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South Carolina

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  1. South Carolina Authors and Artist

  2. Wagon Wheel Spokes • What is the Main Idea? • When did the author or artist first know that he/she was a creative person? • How did the time in which the author or artist lived, or his/her physical location affect his/her work? • What unique words and phrases are used to describe the artist? • What does the author love? (ideas, people, places, things) • What do you find interesting about the artist or author?

  3. Authors

  4. Alice Childress From Charleston South Carolina. Was a playwright, actress, and author.

  5. Pat Conroy Lives in Beaufort South Carolina, and is an author.

  6. Dorthea Benton Frank Born and Raised on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. Her books are set in and around Charleston.

  7. Josephine Humphreys Born in Charleston, South Carolina. Her novels take place in South Carolina.

  8. Archibald Rutledge An American poet and educator from McClellanville, South Carolina. Wrote over 50 books and many poems, which were mainly about hunting experiences in South Carolina.

  9. John Jakes Divides his time between South Carolina and Florida and is an author of historical fiction.

  10. James Oliver Rigney Jr. Born in Charleston, South Carolina. Wrote fantasy novels under the pen name Robert Jordan.

  11. Artist

  12. Charles Fraser An artist born in Charleston, South Carolina. He is well known for his painting of Lafayette. The Painting to the left is John McPerson Pringle

  13. Jonathan Green From Gardens Corner, South Carolina Green is a painter and printmaker. His artwork is heavily influenced by the Gullah culture.

  14. Elise Forrest Harleston South Carolina’s first African American photographer and owned a studio with her husband in downtown Charleston.

  15. Robert Mills Born in Charleston, South Carolina and was an architect who is known for designing the Washington Monument.

  16. Alice Ravenel Huger Smith Alice Smith was from South Carolina and worked with watercolors and printmakers. Was known for her landscape and genre paintings.

  17. Leonard Cave From Orangeburg, South Carolina. He was an artist that mainly worked with wood, carving large sculptures and abstract pieces.

  18. Jasper Johns Spent his life living around the Charleston and Columbia area of South Carolina. An American contemporary artist who works with painting and printmaking.

  19. Blue Sky Given name was Warren Edward Johnson, born in Columbia, South Carolina. Best known for his public art.

  20. Alicia Rhet Rhett moved to Charleston after World War II. Was an American painter and actress, best known for her role in Gone With the Wind.

  21. Guy Lipscomb Born in Clemson, South Carolina. Driving force South Carolina State Museum, and the creator of the South Carolina Watercolor Society.